With whom is Repubblika in cahoots?

After publishing an article yesterday, in which I gave proof  that the Police lied about Julian Hofstra, Lovin Malta and Netnews published a press release by the Group Repubblika. In this press release, Repubblika asked for protection of certain officials, working on the Caruana Galizia case, because they feel threatened by my  articles. It seems that my article about Hofstra has got under the skin of some big shot.

All I did was reveal the chat messages that were sent by a particular lawyer to Julian Hofstra. This lawyer asked Hofstra to appoint him as his legal representative instead of Drs. Gianluca Caruana Curran and Charles Mercieca. Not only is such type of ‘poaching’ immoral but also unethical in the legal profession and most other professions. This form of unethical behaviour is not permitted in Malta.

It does not seem to cross Repubblika’s mind that instead of attempting to shoot the messenger it should concentrate on wanting the truth about the real motive behind Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder.

Strangely enough, Repubblika does not deem it worthy of its organization to mention that even defence lawyers need protection. It seems only the prosecution needs protection in the Daphne Caruana Galizia case!

But these champions of the rule of law now want protection for those individuals who behave unethically, immorally and are a disgrace to the profession. Why is Repubblika so afraid that the whole truth comes out in the Hofstra case? Who has put Repubblika up to this?

Surely, if Repubblika could be rational it would want the whole truth to come out? Yet, instead of upholding the rule of law it is actually championing the behaviour of those who blatantly break the law by taking advantage of their position and resort to threatening – sometimes in a subtle way and at times not so subtly – those who stand up for their rights.

You seem to forget, dear Repubblika, that we all have the same rights and we should all be equal before the law. The way you behave only goes to compound issues that should be dealt with, with honesty and correctness according to law.

Selling his ‘wares’ as this lawyer did, and attempting to blackmail Hofstra, as he did, certainly does not deserve protection. Yet surprise, surprise, Repubblika, the champion of the rule of law in Malta, issues a press release upholding the unethical after I published my article. Indeed, this lawyer knows perfectly well what he is doing and on whose instructions he is acting. It is also obvious, from the timing of Repubblika’s press release that it too is defending and is happy to protect such species.

I wish to remind the reader that this particular lawyer is defending a person, whose name appears on the Panama Papers. He also represents a notorious local contractor, who has a history of law infringements.

Furthermore, Repubblika should be fully aware that this lawyer was part of a legal team led by the former Magistrate Carol Peralta. and this lawyer, as part of his legal team. Let us not forget that Peralta is quoted by Lovin Malta in an article, penned by Julian Bonnici and published on November 11, 2020, as being a freemason.

Repubblika ought to be aware that this particular lawyer who threatened Hofstra has a reputation of being a freemason. Whether this is true or not, I don’t know. But this is the reputation that he has. In Malta, the reputation of freemasons, in particular, those in the legal sector, is not really honourable. Therefore, this begs the question. Is Repubblika in cahoots with freemasons?

It does not seem to cross Repubblika’s mind that instead of shooting the messenger it should seriously focus on the true motive behind Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder It should not allow itself to be led by the nose and blame me for the horrendous situation it has positioned Malta. 

Repubblika’s press release has been interpreted as a veiled attempt to discredit me after I published chats that this lawyer sent to Hofstra. What I can add is that this communication by Repubblika also comes  after the meeting that Ray Bezzina had with Richard Cachia Caruana telling him to punch hard. It is an open secret that RCC is behind Repubblika.

In Malta freedom of speech or freedom of the press – call it what you will – exists only as long as it is music to the ears of Repubblika & Co. There is a proverb that says La lingua batte dove il dente duole and Repubblika and Co must be truly suffering from acute toothache.     

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