Philip Galea Farrugia walks out from court with Jason Azzopardi and Inspector Kurt Zahra

After today’s court sitting, the Deputy Attorney General Philip Galea Farrugia, walked out of the court room together with Jason Azzopardi and Inspector Kurt Zahra. They continued walking together out of court, down Republic Street, and Philip Galea Farrugia was deep in conversation with Jason Azzopardi. In Maltese we say that were so close to each other that they were like a qaqocca (an artichoke). Yet, Philip Galea Farrugia felt offended that I have referred to his close friendship with Jason Azzopardi. I am stating this because today, in Court, Philip Galea Farrugia called me a liar. Lying is not my style of doing things. Nor should it be Galea Farrugia’s who is abusing his position. I am beginning to think that he believes he is in Parliament where the MPs have a certain degree of immunity.  However, I wish to remind Philip Galea Farrugia that there is a lovely saying in Tuscany which runs “Dimmi chi pratichi e ti diro’ chi sei” which roughly translates You can tell a man from the company he keeps. Need I say more?  

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