Lawyer Christian Grima “attacks” Philip Galea Farrugia and Repubblika

It is now the turn of the lawyer Christian Grima to write an article, in which he refers to my article about the police lying to the media and the people of Maltese about Hofstra. Grima also refers to the declaration made by Repubblika after I published my article. This declaration was in defence of Philip Galea Farrugia. This is what Christian Grima had to say about the unethical behaviour on his Facebook page.

“The Malta Independent published a report which I commented about a couple of days ago, regarding police pressure on Hofstra to ditch his lawyers, who also represent Yorgen Fenech, as one of the conditions for granting him immunity. The report goes on to state that another condition laid down by the Police in order to grant Hofstra immunity, was that these lawyers cannot use any information obtained through the recordings in which Thuema is heard labeling Keith Schembri the mastermind or one of the masterminds in Daphne’s murder.

Those recordings are to be shared with, and used only by the police and nobody else, in its absolute discretion, while ensuring that nobody else gets their hands on them. Those who already have them or who are thought to possess them, are to be forced to give them up and be gagged for life, never ever to refer to their contents again.

Pause. Think. Enter The Times Of Keith and Malta Today who spring into action shortly after, rubbishing the Malta Independent’s story, claiming that their sources within the police deny this vehemently. It’s rubbish guys. No such thing happened and this report is false. Penned of course by the usual suspect.

Enter Simon Mercieca who writes a horror movie piece about the intervention of a renowned contractor’s lawyer getting in touch with Hofstra and doing his utmost to ensure that the lawyers representing him be removed immediately and that the brief is passed on to him in order that he may negotiate on his behalf, with the Government of Malta. Mercieca posts what appear to be message screen shots presumably sent by the ‘contractor’s lawyer’ to Hofstra, telling him in no uncertain terms, that the only way Hofstra could be helped in Malta is by the latter appointing him as his lawyer, replacing the others (Fenech’s), allowing him the use of his very good ties with the present Government of Malta, to bury this permanently and to button it up nicely, on his behalf.

A deafening silence ensues from both Keith’s newspaper and MaltaToday. Enter Repubblika, who has, over the past four years or so, been tearing into the Police and the Attorney General for their decimation of the Rule of Law, their cover up of the murder and their collusion with those behind the plot to murder Daphne, calling upon the State, this time, to protect, not badger, the Police and the Attorney General. The timing here is quite odd. It only demands protection of the Police and of the Attorney General, now. Some four years of constant attacks by Repubblika, other NGO’s and commentators like myself and others, thought to have been genuinely and persistently demanding justice, required no such requests for protection of the Police and the AG. To the contrary. We demanded protection from them. And the last time I checked, some of us still do ’cause the whole thing stinks to high heaven.

But things have changed a little, now, right? Yorgen Fenech appears to be on the verge of being exposed as only one of a few masterminds and things are going tits up at lightening speed. It’s getting really messy, now. What to do? Protect the Police and the Attorney General, get rid of those recordings, try your best to destroy Fenech’s lawyers by accusing them of bribing Keith’s lacky and pray to God almighty that dinosaur shit doesn’t hit that industrial fan spinning at supersonic speed, where everybody and I mean everybody involved in this mess, will end up wading, eyeballs deep, in their own faeces.

Ring-a-ring-a roasies

A pocket full of posies

A tissue, a tissue

We all fall down.

That can’t happen soon enough . You bastards. Every last one of you.”

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