Exclusive: superintendent of the police offered protection to Julian Hofstra: a lawyer of a leading contractor told Hofstra to change his lawyers

The Malta Independent published an article stating that the Police had approached Julian Hofstra offering immunity from prosecution in return for cooperation with them. The Malta Independent revealed that this immunity from prosecution came at a price. Hofstra had to renounce being assisted by his lawyers Gianluca Caruana Curran and Charles Mercieca and had to hand over all the recordings to the police. After the Malta Independent published this story, the police issued a statement denying that they offered any immunity to the Dutchman.

Irrespective of the police denial, such a piece of news is dirty to the core to say the least. The story comes out after Assistant Attorney General, Philip Galea Farrugia, launched an unprecedented legal attack to neutralize Gianluca Caruana Curran and Charles Mercieca through legal means.

The truth is that the Police are lying to the general public and the media. I can reveal that it was indeed a superintendent of the local police force who offered immunity to Julian Hofstra in return for cooperation with the police but this particular superintendent stopped short of advising Hofstra to change his lawyers. This superintendent even phoned Hofstra in prison. As all prison telephone calls are recorded, my ascertion can be easily verified and checked. For this reason, I challenge the police to deny this fact.

In the meantime, Julian Hofstra received a message to contact a local lawyer. On receiving this message, Hofstra contacted this lawyer and the latter told Hofstra that he was ready to assist him in Malta but first, Hofstra had to renounce his current lawyers and proceed to appoint him as his lawyer. This lawyer did not stop there. Despite the fact that Hofstra did not appoint this lawyer as his legal representative, this lawyer kept contacting Hofstra and sending him messages to take up his offer and once he would accept to be represented by him, this lawyer promised Hofstra to intervene with the Malta Secret Service and the Police.

Despite the fact that Hofstra never appointed this lawyer as his legal representative, this lawyer continued to send chat messages to Hofstra. In one chat message, this lawyer went as far as to tell Hofstra that he was ready to talk to the Maltese Government on his behalf but to do so, this lawyer told him, he had to stop “spreading information”. By this phrase, this lawyer meant that Julian Hofstra should stop giving information to Dr. Caruana Curran and Dr. Mercieca, who, as everybody knows, are also Yorgen Fenech’s lawyers. It should be emphasized that when this lawyer was sending these messages, Hofstra had not appointed him as his legal representative in Malta.

When Hofstra pressed this lawyer to explain what he meant by the word “government”, and also explain whether these negotiations were going to be conducted directly with the Prime Minister Robert Abela, this lawyer changed discourse and stated that the negotiations would have been conducted directly with “MSS”.

In another chat conversation, this lawyer reminded Hofstra of a telephone conversation that he and Hofstra had in December 2020. When this lawyer phoned Hofstra, he told him that there were two members of Malta’s Secret Service present for this meeting and put the phone in a speaker mode. Pretty cavalier way of operating. But of course, when this phone call took place, this lawyer was as he is still, not Hofstra’s lawyer. Why is a lawyer of one of Malta’s leading contractors and also the lawyer of one of the individuals, whose name is on the Panama papers, so persistent with Julian Hofstra to get rid of Dr. Gianluca Caruana Curran and Dr. Charles Mercieca?   

Yet the story does not end here. This lawyer did not only ask for the password so that he could have access to the records but also offered Hofstra the possibility that members of Malta’s Secret Service would fly to Holland in a private jet to get him to Malta. What next?

Now one understands why the Police have subtly used Lovin Malta to start a series of attacks against Julian Hofstra. Eventually, even Malta Today joined in. All the anecdotes that were published about Hofstra were not remotely related to Yorgen Fenech as an individual. Unlike what happened with the article published by the Malta Independent, the police did not issue any denial about the contents that were being published in these two newspapers.

But why is this lawyer, together with this particular superintendent, putting pressure on Julian Hofstra to collaborate with the Maltese Secret Service? Why is this lawyer so keen on Hofstra to get rid of his lawyers, who happen also to be Yorgen Fenech’s lawyers?

What is even worrying here is that this lawyer has gone so far as to tell Hofstra that he would be willing to enter negotiations with Government and Malta’s Secret Service on his behalf so that the Police do not go ahead and prosecute him.

But I ask you, why should Julian Hofstra be prosecuted? For what? Is this going to be another frame -up which seems to have now become our national sport; messing about with those we do not like or want around us. Is this going to be another frame-up by the police to accommodate some big fish out there?    

This Dutchman should thank the Lord that he is safely tucked away in a Dutch prison. Else, I am convinced the life of Julian Hofstra would be in danger.

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