Has Prime Minister Joseph Muscat been betrayed by the Malta Secret Service?

Never a dull moment in the saga of the presumed involvement of Yorgen Fenech in the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia.

The Sunday Times published an article (07.02.21) which states that while Joseph Muscat knew that Yorgen Fenech was a person of interest for the police, he was introducing Yorgen Fenech to important foreign businessmen.

Muscat explains that he was following the advice given to him by the Malta Secret Service to behave as normal as possible with Yorgen Fenech. But there is something very odd here. The time frame is wrong. There is quite lapse of time between when the Prime Minister introduced Yorgen Fenech to the Italian banker and businessman Scaroni and when Fenech was arrested. For how long, had Yorgen Fenech been a person of interest, or the prime suspect in this case?

So, if the Prime Minister had to behave normally and business as usual, why suddenly all this hullabaloo? While I can understand the Malta Secret Service’s advice to the Prime Minister, I cannot understand what the Prime Minister could have done once he was recommended to act normally.

The question here is that the Malta Secret Service had asked the Prime Minister to act as business as usual a number of months before Yorgen Fenech was arrested. In the meantime, Muscat had even invited Yorgen Fenech to his birthday bash. In other words, this invitation came along when, according to the Malta Secret Service, Fenech was already a person of interest. Then, many months later, i.e., by the end of that year, Yorgen Fenech was arrested and Melvin Theuma, a criminal, was given a pardon!

There is something here, as the Italians would say “che non quadra”. In fact, there are a couple of points that do not add up in this article by Jacob Borg.

Interestingly enough, The Sunday Times has now moved its strategy to start attacking, all over again, the former Prime Minister and is quite happy to do so by using the fact that Joseph Muscat was informed by the Malta Secret Service that Yorgen Fenech was a suspect. In this, The Times is being joined by the Malta Today. Both newspapers form part of what they call the Daphne Project.

But again, suspect does not imply a priori guilt and in my opinion, this is another proof that Yorgen Fenech was not a person of interest. Why should Muscat recommend somebody, who is being considered a prime suspect by the police to a leading Italian businessman? In doing so, Muscat would be losing his credibility. I do not think that Muscat is so naïve.

What this article proves is that the Malta Secret Service was not acting honestly and the Prime Minister was being misled.

Why are the Malta Secret Service protecting or hiding the real culprits in this case? What do they know that they don’t want to be brought out in the open? More importantly, why are they acting in this manner and on whose instructions?

Hence, when was Joseph Muscat really informed by the Malta Secret Service that Yorgen Fenech was a prime suspect? And who told Joseph Muscat that the Police are suspecting Yorgen Fenech? Was this told to Joseph Muscat by members of the Malta Secret Service, the police or someone else?

Is Joseph Muscat telling us the truth here, or is he covering up for the Maltese Secret Service or for this person? Someone is lying through the teeth here.

Yorgen Fenech certainly cannot be lying since he has yet to be heard in court. As for what has been published, the article in question indirectly confirms that Yorgen Fenech is innocent.

What this article, based on the banned Whatsapp messages of Yorgen Fenech exposes, is how truly messy the police investigations are and when individuals start lying, the situation becomes even more messy. In my opinion, the Malta Secret Service needs to come clean.

The impression that I am forming is that Joseph Muscat was misled by the Maltese Secret Service. I repeat, it does not make sense that the police took all these months to arrest Yorgen Fenech and in the meantime the Prime Minister finds no problem to recommend Yorgen Fenech to an important Italian businessman and invites Yorgen Fenech to his birthday party. It is becoming very clear now, that someone, whether Muscat, the Police or the Malta Secret Service are defending and covering up for somebody. I believe that the Police are protecting the real culprit or culprits.

The research hypothesis that should be conducted here is whether or not Joseph Muscat’s downfall was manoeuvred by members within the Secret Service and if so, Why? The key to this answer is in the hands of the police.

What I can add is that no one in politics has ever resigned from the post of Prime Minister after a “presumed mastermind” had been arrested. This case stinks to high heaven. Oh what great drama or circus or call it what you will.

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