Are Melvin Theuma’s attempted or contemplated suicides credible?

It is difficult to take Melvin Theuma’s testimony seriously. I am working on the heading of the Maltese news portal Inews regarding yesterday’s compilation of evidence against the three alleged hitmen. Theuma was back on the witness stand and claims he had contemplated killing himself but stopped short of going through with it when he realised that his action would free Yorgen Fenech!  He even told us how he planned to take his life this time; by jumping from a high building. This would be well-nigh impossible for him to do since he is under 24-hour surveillance.   

His first attempt goes back to when he was found in his home with multiple self-inflicted stab wounds in June 2020. Interestingly, in the self-inflicted stab wounds attempt, it seems that Theuma never asked himself what effect his suicide would have had on Yorgen Fenech?  Strange also that when he allegedly self-inflicted those multiple stab wounds Theuma did not consider that Yorgen Fenech would be getting off scot-free!  

When you contemplate suicide you either carry it out or you don’t. It is not often that those taking their own life get a second chance or for that matter are prepared to talk about it so freely. If as Theuma says he contemplated throwing himself from a high building, he did not stand a chance of being saved unlike when he self-inflicted multiple stab wounds and was found in the bathroom which again is a very odd way of committing suicide.

One stab wound would be enough to kill me if I really wanted to go down that path.  Or, on second thoughts, I could simply cut my wrists and let myself bleed to death. But I digress.

Anything Theuma does or says these days is now not just dramatic but verges on the melodramatic. This is quite out of keeping with Theuma’s first appearance in court many, many months ago. 

What truly intrigues me about Melvin’s testimony is his remarkable volte face from when he first appeared in court and now.  Now, in 2021, there is such an abyss that leads one to conjecture that something must be frightening Melvin Theuma.  He now comes across as a man immersed in hatred. A hatred so absolute that it whiffs silently across the court room.

After all, let us not forget that it is Melvin Theuma who double crossed and betrayed trust. I wonder why? Certainly not because he believed he was being poisoned. More likely because Theuma is now realizing that his presidential pardon may be at stake as a result of the ridiculous tales he is recounting in court. 

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