Tossing out “poisoned” meat

When Melvin Theuma gave testimony in court on Wednesday 3rd February 2021, The Malta Today reported that “Theuma recounted an anecdote to the court, something he never testified about in previous sittings. Theuma is said to have told the court that

“Once Yorgen Fenech gave me a cut of meat at his farmhouse, to take home and cook. On my way back, I called my partner and told her I would throw it away. ‘He wants to poison us all. I’ll throw it away in the first skip I find’, I told her,” Theuma recounted.

But can this episode about piece of “poisoned” meat be believed?

By implication, but without stating it, Theuma implied that Fenech tried to poison him and his partner. Why then did he bin the meat and not have it checked out? If what he is saying is true, why did he fail to give this important piece of evidence when he testified in the compilation against Yorgen Fenech back in June?  He should have mentioned this episode before his supposedly suicide attempt. After the suicide episode, it is difficult for me to believe such tripe.

According to media reports, Theuma tried to commit suicide by inflicting multiple wounds on himself with a knife or blade. Someone has calculated that he may have hit himself about 17 times. Incredible. I can think of better ways to end my life if I ever had such a desire. There is one consolation. This time round, no one can pin these self-inflicted wounds on Yorgen Fenech.  Perhaps Melvin Theuma should be reminded that Julius Caesar was assassinated with 23 stab wounds inflicted by a friend/s!

While Melvin Theuma has multiple recordings of Yorgen Fenech, including recordings taken while Yorgen Fenech was in his office, Melvin Theuma did not record Yorgen Fenech when he offered him the gift of a piece of meat. Very strange. According to Theuma, the meat was given to him during a visit to Fenech’s ranch at Zebbug. He binned it because it could have been poisoned! If he felt so badly about Fenech why the hell did he go to his ranch in the first place? To be poisoned? If the idea to record Fenech was truly Melvin’s, then why did he not record Yorgen Fenech giving him this suspicious piece of meat? Has Theuma been made to say this in order to further vilify Yorgen and have him charged with an accusation of the attempted murder of poor Theuma? 

And if what Melvin Theuma is saying here is true, why did not the police investigate Yorgen Fenech for this attempted murder of poor Theuma? Have the police interrogated Melvin Theuma about this case? Are the police going to add charges and accuse Yorgen Fenech with trying to murder Melvin Theuma?

What can be concluded from Wednesday’s testimony is that this was all staged to continue putting the blame of this murder on Yorgen Fenech and make him a scape goat.

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