When bogged down by wrong political comments

It is not rocket science to understand that the Nationalist Party is going through turbulent times. It is no secret that this has been going on since 2013 if not before. It is also to be clearly understood that the Party’s previous leader was not accepted as Kap from day one. It was also crystal clear that a small group of rebels decided to hit their leader below the belt continuously until they removed him. But this clique or gang of politicians thought with the limited grey matter between their ears that by substituting the man at the top everything would settle down. It would have been business as usual in the party. They did not take into consideration that a lot of water had passed under the bridge.

They never realised that the divisiveness they had created was going to continue hitting them hard, reflecting their previous actions. They never understood and didn’t want to ponder on the fact that as politicians, you reap what you sow. This is now going to last until God knows when. Panic has set in. The uncertainty within the Party is like a daily replay of the worst moments of the world financial crisis and the global pandemic.

What is currently happening within the Party is similar to a fiction movie and not reality. Regrettably,  the destruction is so rampant, without precedent,  that there is no one who knows how or is competent to repair the damage. The Party has found itself in uncharted territory with no compass to guide it. What the administrators of the party cannot understand is how their assets have become their liabilities. They cannot fathom how their new leader, together with their own parliamentarians are adopting the course of insulting their own members by distancing themselves from responsibilities.

They do not even consider disciplining their own by asking them to refrain from passing damaging comments. All parliamentarians should keep quiet and put a stop to running roughshod on their own Party. The more they speak the more their opponents are enjoying the ride.

We have the recent examples of two big headed parliamentarians taking questions from journalists regarding the Sliema committee candidates. One had the audacity to say that he had no opinion about the candidates’ actions and the other stated that candidates’ action was their problem and not the Party’s. The story does not stop here. The new leader of the party joined the fray and stated that the “resignations” of the nine candidates and the Bormla committee came about because they did not accepted him as the new party leader.

These two rebel MPs  should know that it is their duty to liaise and discuss with their sympathisers and voters. They should never utter any inordinate comments.  Their language should never disclose a couldn’t care less attitude. Instead these two men gave the impression that they couldn’t give a hoot about what is happening to their party! The same argument holds for Bernard Grech. In his case, he should have taken more care about what to say. In the way how he expressed himself, he showed that he was taking sides, in favour of those who supported his leadership election. His role is to defend everyone and bring back these candidates and many others to the fold. But when you witness the leader of the party and members of parliament being evasive and passing offensive comments, it only signifies that the party is deep in quagmire as never before in its history  .

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