Yesterday’s court case confirms that the local police favour the Caruana Galizia family at the expense of justice

Yesterday, in court, there was the hearing of the libel case brought by former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat against NET TV after the latter gave prominence to a post by Matthew Caruana Galizia regarding the Egrant affair. I am not going into the merits of this post here. Instead, I wish to focus on one aspect of Muscat’s testimony. In court, Muscat  referred to Maria Efimova. Efimova fled the island after a magisterial inquiry found that she had lied under oath regarding the Egrant affair. An international warrant of arrest was issued. To date, the local police have failed to find her and bring her over to Malta to face criminal charges.

I concur with what one of the lawyers who  stated in court that she needs to take the witness stand. The lawyer representing NET TV suggested, on behalf of his client, that Maria Efimova gives testimony via teleconference. Joseph Muscat’s lawyer disagreed. He insisted that Maria Efimova should come over to Malta in person to testify.

The obvious question, being asked by many, is how can Maria Efimova take the stand via teleconferencing when she fled Malta? How can Net TV make such a  suggestion when the Maltese people were made to believe that no one knows where she is residing? To put forth such a proposal implies that one knows where Efimova is to be found and contacted.  

Therefore, why have  the police failed to enforce the international warrant of arrest against Efimova? It is obvious that there are individuals in Malta who are protecting her.  Even the police is protecting her. Why?  After all, in another more recent senseless double-murder, the local police’s international arrest warrant bore fruit. So what is happening at the Floriana HQ to prevent it from obtaining the same positive result?

At this point, what can be stated is that Efimova is very close to the Caruana Galizia family. There are those, particularly the Daphne brigade, who want us to believe that the police are serious in their investigations where Daphne is concerned.

This is another serious slip up by our police force in Malta that beyond any doubt confirms just how much it is favouring the Caruana Galizias and their interests to the extent that it feigns it cannot find Efimova and bring her over to Malta to face justice.

It is opportune here to recall what the present Commissioner of Police Gafa declared on taking office: he stated that he treats everybody alike before the law. Doesn’t look like it, at all.

5 thoughts on “Yesterday’s court case confirms that the local police favour the Caruana Galizia family at the expense of justice

  1. messhom ituha il whistleblower status u tigi bid documenti u forsi fahhar tinstab il verita!!!! haliex ma ittuiliex?

  2. Qatt smajt li tghidt kontra li thoss. Jekk ahjar ma tixhedx imma irrida tigi fuq l istammbella in persona li mhux ser tigi fis sitwazjioni li titfacca immedjatament taffronta arrest talli harbet u gia skont huma xhedet falza u majra fraudista bla kundanna.

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