Bernard Grech First 100 Days: keeping to a schedule

Part twelve

Next, there is the issue of the schedule. As leader, Dr Grech has to juggle with the constraints of his own schedule. There will be choices that he will need to make and compromises that can only be partly resolved. On a personal note, I have appreciated that Bernard Grech has found time to give his support to the marathon organized in aide of Foundation U over the weekend. Such PR initiatives help to build credibility.

In fact, personal credibility is a key factor to achieve results. This means that his personal life will have to suffer. The advantage he has here is that his wife is assisting him. This is important as no leader should complain that he or she has a personal life too. Of course, Bernard Grech has his family but at least, his family members are understanding the challenges that go with the position and appear to be supportive. In other words, his familhy can help him and is helping with his schedule.

His schedule should include every dimension within the Party. A political party has many customers and shareholders. None of these have to be forgotten or excluded. It is imperative that each and every one is given his due slot. Internal and external communication cannot be disjointed. His troops on the inside need to listen very closely to what is being said on the outside.

Openness probably should have paid a very important part in Grech’s first 100 days. But was Grech open enough about himself? What many are worried about are the hidden skeletons at Dar Ċentrali. What has happened, in these first hundred years, that is remarkably important? The only thing that is worth reporting is the employment of a number of directors.  Was there a real need for this never ending list of directors? Are they giving their all for the Party? Do they have the necessary expertise and competence to assist the leader? Are they really relaying what is being said outside their comfort zone? A worrying situation arises here because these were handpicked and there has never been an open contest. This gives rise to doubt.

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