Matthew Caruana Galizia confirms in his testimony that he has access to his mother’s emails

Last Thursday, was also Matthew Caruana Galizia’s turn to take the witness stand. The main reason why he took the witness stand was to inform court that his mother was working on the Electrogas deal. He was also helping her in this investigation. He states that his mother was going to publish her findings, and also the presumed involvement of Yorgen Fenech.  

Therefore, the natural question to ask is the following. If what was said in court by Matthew Caruana Galizia is all true, then why did he not proceed to publish this material himself? Is he not a journalist? Till now, there is nothing scandalous or illegal about Electrogas. At least, the police has not yet arraigned anybody as a result of Daphne’s and her son’s findings.  

But there is more. He states that her murder interrupted their investigation. According to The Times, Matthew Caruana Galizia states that such type of an investigation would normally take about year.

Therefore, judging from this affirmation, one is right to conclude that by the time his mother was assassinated, he and his mother had practically finished their investigation regarding Electrogas. Thus, I wish to emphasize, why didn’t they publish their findings?

Now, his mother was murdered towards the end of the year, to be exact on 16 October 2017. Thus, I would like to reiterate that both Matthew Caruana Galizia and his mother had ample time to finish their project. Matthew Caruana Galizia does not specify the exact date when he and his mother started investigating Electrogas. He only states that they started in 2017. One may rightly presume that they should have started their investigation at the start of 2017, if not before.

Continuing with his testimony, Matthew Caruana Galizia gives us yet another piece of information about his mother’s investigation. He states that his mother started investigating 17Black and Macbridge in 2016! Therefore, if we are to believe Matthew Caruana Galizia’s testimony that they planned that their investigation was going to take them a year, and they had started in 2016 with 17Black and Macbridge – the companies linked to the Electrogas project – their investigation should have already been finished by October 2017, when his mother was murdered.

But in his testimony, Matthew Caruana Galizia gives us yet another date. He states that his mother started to work on investigating shell companies in 2014.

Which of these three versions is the correct one? 

If one relies on Matthew Caruana Galizia’s testimony, Daphne Caruana Galizia’s investigation was nearly finished by October 2017. Therefore, why did she fail to publish anything substantial about Yorgen Fenech? The name of Yorgen Fenech was only mentioned by Daphne Caruana Galizia in a comment under a blog she wrote.

But this whole testimony led Matthew Caruana Galizia to reveal another topic, the one related to Bangladesh. According to Matthew Caruana Galizia, Yorgen Fenech had another electricity project in Bangladesh. Judging from the way Matthew Caruana Galizia gave his testimony, it is now clear that, for a businessman to invest in Bangladesh, first he or she needs to get permission from the Caruana Galizias.  According to Matthew Caruana Galizia and I quote:

11:29 This shows that Yorgen Fenech had planned to go behind the back of his Electrogas partners to replicate the project in Bangladesh with a 30% interest in the project. None of the other Electrogas shareholders had a stake in the project.

Can someone indicate where is the corruption in this fact or why Yorgen Fenech should kill a person because that person gets to know that he wants to invest in Bangladesh? And again, why does Matthew Caruana Galizia state that Yorgen Fenech wanted to invest behind the back of the other partners? It could also be that the other partners were not interested in this investment as in one particular instance. One of the Electrogas partners testified in the inquiry to this effect some time ago.

The more I hear, the more I am convinced that this is an attack against someone who was proving to be a success story on the international circuit.

But according to Matthew Caruana Galizia, Yorgen Fenech was using information he got from the Maltese project in order, to replicate the same project in Bangladesh. What’s wrong with that? And what’s wrong for a businessman like Yorgen Fenech to have a 30 per cent interest in such projects? Why is it wrong that he acted alone? Is there any law to the effect that one cannot have a 30% or more in a project? Can the Court, the Caruana Galizias and/or the police enlighten me where is the corruption in all this? I wish to remind Matthew Caruana Galizia that the Maltese police force to date, has not issued any charges against the Electrogas directors for the presumed corruption that his mother is supposed to have discovered related to this company.

All this reminds me of the famous book Embarrassment of Riches by Simon Schama. What we are witnessing here is the use of protestant ideology, where people are put to shame for the simple reason that they want to make money from their investments.

And again, what is wrong with the fact that Yorgen Fenech was the main contact person with the Government? Where is the wrongdoing? On a separate note, the Police released Keith Schembri and he is not a person of interest or on police bail!! Can the police come clean, at least on this point?

From last Thursday’s evidence, one can only conclude that Matthew Caruana Galizia took the witness stand to beef up his family law suit against Electrogas. The compilation of evidence was used as a platform for this case. But what was pivotal on Thursday is Matthew Caruana Galizia’s revelation that he has access to his mother’s emails and computer. He has also quoted in court from such emails. In my opinion, this is only the relevant piece of information that came out from his testimony.

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