Whispering in somebody’s ear becomes a news item for The Times of Malta.

The fact that Yorgen Fenech’s mother, Patricia Fenech, was in court on Thurday and talked privately with her daughter-in-law became a news item for the Times of Malta. It reported and I quote, “Yorgen Fenech’s mother is seen whispering something to his wife’s ear”. This was part of the reporting that The Times made regarding yesterday’s court proceedings against Yorgen Fenech.

I asked myself why the Times and/or its reporter considered this a news item? Are they not aware that in court one cannot use a normal pitch except when actually addressing the Court? Anyone present in the court room including lawyers, witnesses or the audience who maintain a normal pitch when talking among themselves would be slammed with a threat of contempt of court. All Mrs Patricia Fenech was doing was showing respect for court mores.

Be that as it may, if a mother whispers something to her daughter-in-law,. this becomes a news item worth reporting by the Times of Malta. However, this all goes to show how The Times of Malta journalist together with the Caruana Galizia family are fixated with Patricia Fenech.

One thought on “Whispering in somebody’s ear becomes a news item for The Times of Malta.

  1. When I read that yesterday I thought it an interesting observation. It never occurred to me that the writer was pointing out a possible breach of court rules. I wondered what it was that was being whispered, and I am sure that was the point the journalist was making. However, a twisted mind might spin it differently.

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