Are the Police going to investigate Jason Azzopardi for having in his possession classified information about the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia?

Last Saturday, The Times published an article to inform its readers that inspector Elton Taliana had been suspended from the police force and that lawyer Charles Mercieca was asked to go to the depot to be asked questions. The reason for this was the presumed leakages by Elton Taliana of sensitive police information to the Lawyer Charles Mercieca. In light of this information, which was also given great publicity by the media of the bishops of Malta, yesterday, at court, there was more interesting news.

The Malta Today reported that prior to this morning session, during which the court continued hearing the compilation against Yorgen Fenech, “Jason Azzopardi, appearing as parte civile for the Caruana Galizia family, is in DEEP CONVERSATION with Arnaud”.  This DEEP CONVERSATION takes place before the magistrate enters the court room. Then the magistrate enters the courtroom and the court is informed by both Jason Azzopardi and Keith Arnaud that the first witness, Matthew Caruana Galizia was not in court yet because he was stuck in traffic! What happens next? Malta Today informs us that Keith Arnaud takes the witness stand and is cross-examined by the same Jason Azzopardi.

From the evidence presented yesterday in court, it is clear that Jason Azzopardi knew certain facts which are only in the possession of the police. Certain questions asked by Jason Azzopardi to Keith Arnaud about Yorgen Fenech’s chats messages reveal information, which Magistrate Montebello decreed that it should not be disclosed to the media. For this reason, one may ask why all these chats have not been made public? Information in these chats can still be divulged through questions made by lawyers in court. But Jason Azzopardi’s questions did not stop there. He asked questions regarding phone calls made by Keith Schembri.

From the way how Jason Azzopardi was asking his question, it is obvious that he knew about the localities from where Keith Schembri was making his phone calls. How can a lawyer obtain this information if not from the police?

In light of this fact, is the Police Commissioner going to start an investigation to find out how such information came into Jason Azzopardi’s possession? Is the Police Commissioner going to call Jason Azzopardi to ask him questions about how he got this information, as they did in the case with Charles Mercieca, when they called the latter at the depot to ask him questions about the meeting that he had with Julian Hofstra?

After reading about these facts in yesterday’s digital newspapers, I became more convinced than ever before, that this is a serious case of a frame-up. The most important revelation that came from yesterday’s sitting is that given by Malta Today, before the start of the court’s hearing: Keith Arnaud was in DEEP CONVERSATION with the serial liar Jason Azzopardi! 

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