The first 100 days of Bernard Grech: he failed to be his own man

Part ten

In the first 100 days, the new administration headed by Dr Bernard Grech should have analysed all the structures within the Party. During these early days, the objective should have been the achievement of short-term goals. Rocking the boat should not have been on the agenda. The leader should have had a plan, pruned the required structures and showed that rapidity wins. Small as these objectives might have been, they should have given a signal that progress was being made.

Instead, Bernard Grech ended up pulling voters’ legs when he prided himself in organising a three to four-hour religious retreat in Marsascala for the parliamentary group by saying that he had a fruitful discussion. Was he joking?  Is that an achievement? Hopefully it was meant for some soul searching to be made by a number of MPs who have numerous skeletons in their closets.

Another very important structure that still eluded Bernard Grech was the reshuffle of the shadow speakers. This did not come about within the first 100 days, something that left much to be desired. Then, when this reshuffle was undertaken, it proved to be a big mess. What this reshuffle had showed is that Dr Grech was led according to someone else’s decisions.

If an action is not taken when it should have been taken, this can only indicate that Bernard Grech is having problems. In fact, when he started with the reshuffle, he was faced with a backlash from his MPs. It is now even a fact that Bernard Grech is not on speaking terms with a number of MPs including with some who have placed him where he is. A number of his past supporters are now not prepared to abide by his decisions. This can only mean that more trouble has yet to come.

To achieve results in the reorganisation of party structures, any leader needs to have discipline. This is important if the leader expects respect and adherence to his decisions. But, and this is written in bold, should the sympathisers be worried that such decisions can never be achieved, can never be effective and can never be implemented?

Those who know how Dr Grech achieved his leadership post believe that Dr Grech can never be in a position to impose discipline. Dr Grech can never feel ownership of his post. He would have never made it on his own, on his own merits and this is a fact known to all. Dr Grech has been allocated this position by the rebels, by the klikka, by civil society. Dr Grech can make as many changes he considers necessary and these might be useful but regrettably, from what we are experiencing, he will never be his own man.

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