Tomorrow the PN is organizing an online seminar on Ethics in Politics

Tomorrow, 28 January 2021, the Nationalist Party will be organizing a seminar for the professional members of the party under the heading Ethics in Politics. A number of speakers are invited to participate and give their views on this topic. This seminar will be held online. Amongst the speakers are the former Prime Minister of Malta Lawrence Gonzi and Professor Kenneth Wain. Other speakers are Rev. Dr. Ray Zammit, Dr. Antoinette Cutajar and Mr. Bob Souster.

This seminar is being organized at a particular moment in time in the Nationalist Party’s political history. The Party is facing  a political controversy of an ethical nature, which has unexpectedly exploded inhouse. Next Saturday, the Nationalist Party will be holding internal elections to elect the members of the Sectional Committee.

This election has been marked by controversy because a number of supporters of the current leader, Bernard Grech, organized a block vote against other fellow Nationalists who will be contesting these elections in the locality of Sliema. One of those who organized this block vote is a candidate for this election by the name of Kevin Wain. He was backed  in this block vote strategy by Ms. Lina Wain.

Given the context of this local election, and also the rumours that other block vote strategies are being organized in other localities, the question that a number of members of the Nationalist party are asking is whether a block vote is an ethical and morally correct mechanism to adopt in politics. Perhaps, the speakers, who are participating in this seminar, may wish to address this point. If this is done, this seminar will be tackling a topic that has political relevance in the current jam the Nationalist Party finds itself.  

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