What a reshuffle!

With three (if not more) members of Parliament already not accepting the jurisdiction offered, it is clear that as Leader of the Opposition, your proposed reshuffle has brought about a disaster at your door. Not having the guts to face your members individually is an act of cowardice. Worse still, asking one your directors to present the jurisdictions on your behalf shows lack of preparation, incredible lack of confidence and total lack of knowledge of the abilities and area of expertise of your deputies, and their abilities. What a charade!

That you have already been abandoned by more than one MP after pronouncing your choices is indicative of what is yet to come.  This exercise that you and Ray Bezzina, the most divisive person in your group of directors, have undertaken is the most important decision that you will be taking just months if not weeks before a general election. Facing the electorate with unpopular, unprepared and negative decisions is clearly increasing the split within the Party. You are appearing as a poor  political amateur who cannot even achieve unity within a small group.  Imagine the catastrophe were you to be given the possibility of leading our country.

The information that is already doing the rounds shows that you (if not Ray Bezzina on his own) are taking unpopular and unashamed decisions which only give a clear signal that all those who somehow supported your counterpart in the latest election are being side-lined or given less important jurisdictions. This, in itself, shows that you don’t even know the meaning of unity, that you are being dictated to, by those closest to you within the klikka (clique) and that you intentionally want to see less importance being given to those who didn’t back you. This would also mean less media coverage for those who are being presented with less important portfolios. How puerile can one become? Do you honestly believe that the electorate is that stupid?

But most of all Dr Grech you are a liar of the first degree. You are a politician of the third tier who tries to gain political mileage by playing to the media without even considering that whatever you say will come back to haunt you. When taking questions from Reno (Malta Today) you stated that on Monday you would be going to the Law Courts to support Dr Delia in his court case to regain the three hospitals for the people. Just a few minutes before the case was due to start you broke the news that you would not be going to court after all. But you already knew beforehand, that at the same time, you intended be calling MPs to give them their new jurisdictions via Ray Bezzina. What more proof is needed that you LIED during the interview. You called various members almost at the same time and they were there in an straight file waiting for your royal highness to call them in. This was planned by your strategy team to steal the limelight from Dr Delia. You thought that by announcing the reshuffle, the media would have given much more importance to your act of greatness than what would have resulted at the courts. A first class strategy indeed! However, it just boomeranged back to you in full force. Get rid of your strategy team because not only are the hopeless but they are also very unprofessional.

How unimpressively unimpressed the electorate is! Have you realised that your numbers in parliament are becoming smaller? How can you have these numbers dwindling even more when you are proposing half-baked offers? What are you going to do now that you have less people ready to scrutinise government’s work? Are you shouldering these responsibilities yourself? Don’t forget, great leader, that you told  us that you are only capable of doing ONE THING AT A TIME. What hope has the party?

One thought on “What a reshuffle!

  1. But the #barrabrigade must be gleeing.

    They can’t wait for another trouncing at the polls to rid themselves of their own puppet and take over the party again.

    Then, let the venom flow….

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