The chances are that the reshuffle will not be concluded before this evening’s meeting of the Parliamentary group

An internal reshuffle which normally takes only a few hours for a party in opposition ended up taking over two days and is not yet concluded.

Therese Comodini Cachia is up in arms against Bernard Grech. Yesterday, Bernard Grech sent for and offered her to cover equality. She refused and stamped out of his office. Today, Bernard Grech sent again for her and offered her education. Once again, she refused.

This is not the only problem for Grech. There is the issue of justice. This is still being contested between Jason Azzopardi and Carol Aquilina. I wish to remind the readers that these three MPs belong to Bernard Grech’s faction.

The situation is now becoming critical for Bernard Grech. This evening, there is a Parliamentary group meeting and Bernard Grech had high hopes that he would have settled the reshuffle. But it seems that chances are very slim for these problems to be sorted out before the meeting of the parliamentary group at 7.00 pm.

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