Female Parliamentary quota: not democratic

by Frederick Cauchi Inglott

Malta has 67 Members of Parliament. These same members of parliament want to ‘automatically’ elect 12 more female members, without any sort of voting quota, perhaps absolutely non-deserving. A total of “79” members of parliament; larger than any other country in the EU! In a small country of 17 miles by 9 miles; with a population of less than half a million.

The tax payer is already footing the bill for the opposition, the elected government members and Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries; the high pension of ex-ministers (after only a handful of years serving); a pension much higher than any other citizen; and also the budget for the President, an ex-member of Parliament.

When the two parties decide together, they are all powerful. Minor parties simply disappear from the scene. Who will defend the citizen from the two political parties? (And people still living garages?!) This is definitely not democracy. Situation is becoming more and more like a one party communist state, with the excuse of furthering woman’s standing. Exactly what is preventing women from furthering themselves; there are more women than men, in Malta. Personally, I feel quite at home at voting for any capable woman as for a man.

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