Why does Melvin Theuma fear Keith Schembri?

When I started writing about the Yorgen Fenech’s case and stated that he was framed, many began accusing me of coming up with conspiracy theories. Even Malta Today came out and labelled me a conspiracy theorist. Now, Malta Today seems to be seeing the light.

In yesterday’s edition, Malta Today carried a story that actually continues to confirm that what is happening in Yorgen Fenech’s case is not all music to the ears of the police and the prosecution. This time, Malta Today comes up with a story that a young Dutchman, who while in Malta, recorded Melvin Theuma, who confided in him. It seems that what the Dutchman has recorded are Theuma’s confessions. We are even told by Malta Today, that Melvin Theuma opens up to this Dutchman after the murder was committed. But what comes out of these recordings is that Melvin Theuma greatly fears Keith Schembri.

I will not go into the merit of whether this Dutchman is a conman or not. What one needs to remember is that Theuma is a seasoned criminal. I firmly believe that one must listen to all sides in this case before taking sides. One needs to start believing everybody and/or disbelieving everything. That is the only way forward.

What is new in this saga is that a Dutchman has recorded Theuma. Therefore, this new evidence is based on his recordings of Melvin Theuma. Malta Today even informs us that the Yorgen’s lawyers went to Amsterdam to obtain these recordings. The lawyers have declined to confirm this news but from the way this episode has been reported, it is quite obvious that the lawyers went to Amsterdam and now have copies in their hands.   

The first question one needs to ask is why would Theuma be so afraid of Keith Schembri? I remind the reader that on the witness stand, Theuma did not attribute any wrong doing to Keith Schembri. Instead, in his testimony, he put the blame for this murder squarely on Yorgen Fenech. Even, if Melvin Theuma mentioned them both,only Yorgen Fenech has been kept in jail for over a year with bail still being denied to him.

What is even odder here, is that the media had reported that Melvin Theuma had gone to Castille to take a photo with Keith Schembri and somewhere there was a job offer. Now these latest recordings appear to give another side of this story which was completely hidden to the general public. These recordings show that the relationship between the two men has either changed or was always based on Melvin Theuma’s fear of Keith Schembri.

What is definite is that Melvin Theuma did not tell the Dutchman that he is afraid of Yorgen Fenech. The reason is clear: Yorgen Fenech had nothing to do with the murder.

So far Theuma has failed to be crossed examined by the lawyers of the three alleged hitmen. In the compilation of evidence, their lawyers are still waiting to be able to cross examine Melvin Theuma. The same holds for the criminal proceedings against Yorgen Fenech. Here the case is even more complex as besides Melvin Theuma, the prosecution has not yet even called Keith Schembri to the stand to be cross examined. While one can argue about Melvin Theuma cannot be examined before the court has a psychological report on his well-being, there is no such issue with Keith Schembri. The latter should have been called to the witness stand by the prosecution ages ago to curtail the inordinate delay in bringing closure to this awful murder.

The message that this entire saga is conveying is one that Theuma is afraid to testify and does not want to return to court. It is significant that, in fact, Theuma has not been seen in public for the past six months.

My hunch is that Melvin Theuma does not have a clue as to the contents of his tapes and has never listened to them. What, however is fact, is that these tapes can only be heard in his presence. Magistrate Montebello is insisting that the tapes will be played in Melvin Theuma’s presence. Is this what Melvin Theuma fears? In other words, is he afraid that once these tapes are heard, he ends up having contradicted himself?

But the million-dollar question remains the following: why is Melvin Theuma so afraid of Keith Schembri?


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