The logo of the PN has completely disappeared

I am here reproducing a political announcement whereby Bernard Grech is informing his Nationalist supporters that he is going to address a political activity at Mosta on Sunday 17th January, 2021. I wish to remind the reader that Grech is going to be a candidate on this district. But what strikes me most in this advert is the fact that the PN logo, this historic medium, is  missing. It seems that Bernard Grech is reluctant to show himself under the PN’s historic coat-of-arms. I don’t think that the removal of the logo is accidental. Instead of it, Bernard Grech puts the words “Pagna Ġdida” or “turning a new leaf”!

Nine months ago, I argued in favour of the PN keeping its historic logo when individuals, within the party, wanted to remove it. Back then, I found the backing of many PN supporters. We all fought to keep this logo and insisted that the PN should not be hesitant in using it. But it seems that Bernard Grech is not keen on the PN’s history. He seems shy to be identified with the PN. What is certain is that whoever came up with the idea of eliminating the PN logo completely is succeeding  in his mission. This happens to be the same individual who, 12 years ago, was defeated on two districts. Now, it would seem, he is succeeding in his agenda, ever since Bernard Grech became leader of the Nationalist Party.

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