The first 100 days of Bernard Grech: the questions that Bernard Grech should answer after having been for more than 100 days in office

First Article

This is the first article, in a series of articles, analysing the first hundred days of Dr. Bernard Grech as leader of the Nationalist Party. Such an analysis is normally undertaken to study whether a new leader has got an initial grasp of the situation and has understood the Party and its  members well. On this premise the voter and all stakeholders will be judging him and decide whether to accept him or not.  

When taking over the Party, he was being asked to lead, Dr Grech was expected to take immediate stock of the context and the situation. He was asked to assess possible fixes, obstacles and identify the potential support needed. Time was precious and decisions had to be taken. In other words, this required the ability to get down to the essentials without the benefit of research.

Was Dr. Bernard Grech capable of achieving these objectives? Whether or not he achieved these objectives lies in the answers to the following questions.

1) Did Dr Grech understand correctly the overall situation of the party?

2) Did he identify the main risks – workforce, the anger of certain members and the current mood within the Nationalist Party?

3) Did Dr Grech identify the networks of influence that may help or hinder implementing the changes that he may have been planning?

4) Did he keep himself up to date with the Party’s history up to the day he was sworn in?

5) Was he aware of the problems being encountered by the key partners and stakeholders?

6) Did he consult the opposing faction to better understand the real situation?

7) Did he realise that, if he didn’t do this, he would be running a one-sided show?

8) Has he extended his hand of friendship to those who sided with his contestant?

These are direct questions which can give the reader an indication whether Dr Grech has actually taken the bull by the horns or not.

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