“Ħaqq Alla” is not blasphemous

It is time for someone, who parades himself as the Lord’s spokeperson in Malta about religious affairs, because he has been a member of the Opus Dei,  should know that the Maltese expression “Ħaqq Alla” is not a blasphemy. In Maltese, this expression is known as “stat kostrutt” (construct state) of the phrase “il-ħaqq ta’ Alla”. In Maltese, like in Arabic, it is used to invoke justice. For example, in Maltese we say – “ħaqqek ħlasek” – you deserve to be remunerated. It can also be used as in the phrase “ħaqqek ta’ li ġralek”  or “you deserve what happened to you”. Then, there is the expression “F’ġieħ il-ħaqq” or “Respecting justice”.  The latter was another expression, like “Ħaqq Alla” which was used by the population to invoke justice.

Most probably, this expression goes back to Malta’s Arab period when the inhabitants of the time used to invoke the Lord’s justice and favour in their arguments. In fact, as a lawyer, Jason Azzopardi should know that the term “ħaqq” is equivalent to the term “ġustiżżja” in Maltese. Both words mean justice in English. Where is the blasphemy? Ignorance.

It is time for the PN to stop nitpicking and get down to serious work if it wants to move on. For a politician, who believes himself to be the rectitude of Catholicism,  he should refrain from passing judgements on others. This is what Jason Azzopardi wrote accompanying the video recording.

“Listen to our cultured, educated, polite and eloquent Minister”.

Unfortunately for the PN, a number of Nationalists did not appreciate this comment also because they consider him a hypocrite.

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