A tirade by Professor Kevin Cassar about me

Once again, Kevin Cassar has written an egregious long-winded tirade against me in his latest OPINION article published today in the Times of Malta. What I can say is that this piece lacks substance. It contains a series of words which are meaningless except, possibly, to alleviate some ailment troubling him.

If he wishes to attack me, he is free to do so as long as he steers away from the mantra that I spread falsehoods and conspiracy theories etc. Instead, it would be far more interesting to all concerned including, I am sure the readers of the TOM, that he finally brings proof to disprove my alleged falsehoods and fake news I am spreading.

At one point, he writes that “we don’t change our brain when we perform different roles”. It follows that Cassar is not differentiating between his academic role as professor of surgery and his political views. For him they depart from the same brain, which they do. Yet he forgets that the brain has a mind and the mind can differentiate between right and wrong as well as it is capable to differentiate between the various roles one has in life. Incidentally, he himself proves that his own sentence does not hold water. He starts his article by putting in the heading that he is a professor of surgery and then concludes his article with a post scriptum with the following disclaimer ‘’that these are my own views (Cassar’s) and do not represent the views of any university”. This is a contradiction in terms. He obviously acknowledges in this post-scriptum that a person’s mind has different roles.

Hence, he cannot accuse me with spreading conspiracy theory etc. I make sure that whatever I write is neither a falsehood nor fake news. In fact, I am substantiating all my points in my writings. If I make a mistake, I apologize and I am more than ready to upload different views. To date neither Prof. Cassar nor anyone else has been able to substantiate their allegations. This simply because I do not spread falsehoods. If, for whatever reason, what I write is not music to his ears then he has a problem. Kevin Cassar quotes Noam Chomsky. My suggestion to Kevin Cassar is to read the work of another scholar, Karl Popper. I am here referring to Popper’s “theory of falsification”, wherein he proposes that for a fact to be considered scientific, it must be able to be tested and conceivably proven false. Therefore, Cassar, in his articles, has ended up confirming that what I am writing is historically and factually correct.

One thought on “A tirade by Professor Kevin Cassar about me

  1. Dr Mercieca, you committed an unforgivable crime….you dared mention the caruana Galizia family not necessarily in good light!

    It’s a mortal sin for some. You should take comfort from the fact we don’t have the gallows here in malta because they’d surely put your name on the list.

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