Lovin Malta removes the poll about Doris’ recipes

Matthew Caruana Galizia put up a post on Facebook against a woman who used to work as court assistant to Judge Aaron Bugeja, when he was still magistrate. As I  explained in an earlier  post, this woman is now assigned to another magistrate. In her free time this woman, whose name is Ms. Doris Serpina, films her recipes and uploads them on YouTube.  It should be pointed out that Doris Serpina was removed from being the deputy registrar of Aaron Bugeja, when he was still magistrate, because she had uploaded a photo, waiving the Maltese flag.

Following Matthew Caruana Galizia attempt at poking fun at this lady in his post, Lovin Malta, having nothing better to do,  joined  in.  Not only did Lovin Malta try to ridicule her but it also organized an opinion poll to establish the popularity of this lady’s recipes. This strategy backfired. Readers, quite rightly, did not appreciate this approach and Lovin Malta had to remove the opinion polls.

It would seem that today, in Malta, in order to upload on YouTube videos demonstrating how to cook simple recipes, one now first needs the blessing of Lovin Malta and the Caruana Galizia family. What next?  

One thought on “Lovin Malta removes the poll about Doris’ recipes

  1. L-odju ta dawn in-nies bla limitu.

    Vera kaz li Daphne introduciet f’malta il-kultura tat-tghajjir u nsulti.

    U binha qed ikompli t-tradizzjoni tal-familja.

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