Malta Today should stop spreading lies about me

Malta Today, in an article dated 9 January 2021 and entitled Malta Today in the dock over Melvin Theuma recording leaks informed their readers that I am being charged with contempt of court for having published the recordings. Journalist Matthew Agius states that the court

From this quote, Agius has taken it upon himself that it is fact that I have published these recordings on social media. I wish to reiterate that this a figment of his imagination which has been perpetrated by the Caruana Galizia family in the hope of silencing me. It would have been more professional had Matthew Agius checked all his facts before writing and spreading more lies.

From the many untruths the Malta Today has written so far, I am well aware that the newspaper is dead prejudiced against me but I now ask Agius to substantiate his allegations. Where, when and on which social medium “had I also published parts of the recordings”? Not to mention that had I published them – which I repeat I did not – there must be the text somewhere. Where is this text to be found?

Matthew Agius should know that other media houses published these recordings but again he is being selective. What transpires from his selectivity is to highlight that Malta Today is now in cahoots with the Caruana Galizia family and has chosen to back it regardless. But I reiterate that I have, never ever published these recordings. All I can say to this journalist is that you cannot tar everyone with the same brush. The sooner you realize this the sooner you will become a decent journalist.

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