Truth will Prevail

Once again, today I learn from Shift News that magistrate Rachel Montebello, for the second time, is holding me in contempt of court this time at the behest of Philip Galea Farrugia , the Assistant Attorney General. This because Galea Farrugia is upset at what I have written about him. Shift News first referred to me in an article dated January 1, 2021; the second time today January 5, 2021.  Usually I do not agree with Shift News but this time round I must indeed commend the article written and fully endorse its content which reads as follows:    

Irrespective of the content of the material in both cases, legal sources have told The Shift that the contempt of court proceedings for material published about the lawyers outside the court are misplaced. If the lawyers felt disparaged, the proper recourse would have been a libel lawsuit, not contempt of court proceedings, which are much narrower in scope.” 

Incidentally, I too share the same view of Shift’s legal source. Who knows why Jason Azzopardi and Philip Galea Farrugia are resorting to this course of action in their petitions and who knows what they hope to achieve. In any case, truth will prevail.

One thought on “Truth will Prevail

  1. I already wrote about the threat the AAG made, when he informed you(SM) that you’ll hear from him regarding-arci giddieb and 12 Jan. court-now it seems that it wasn’t an idle threat or just talk. I feel exagerated action,certainly not contempt of court.

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