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Despite many scientists and lawyers worldwide agreeing that the PCR tests are not to diagnose; that being positive to PCR tests does not mean being sick and does not mean being contagious because it all depends on the viral load, still local doctors are believing these tests and putting patients in ITU for nothing, when these same patients can be cured for whatever ailment they have. 

And, despite my father testing NEGATIVE WHEN HE WAS ALREADY IN ITU, HE WAS STILL KEPT THERE with doctors failing to ask the question “If this test is negative, then this patient is not sick because of a virus. So, let us stop giving anti-viral medicine and see what is causing the infection he has in his lungs!”

PS, my father’s GP, from outside and from seeing the x-ray, realised that my father has pneumonia! If Mater Dei doctors failed in realising this, then there is a big problem! Instead, my father was kept in ITU 6, sedated and intubated, and being given a lot of intravenous anti-viral medicine (Will talk about this hideous concoction in later blogs).

We feel that we have been aggrieved by several acts and omissions by the medical staff attending to our relative and I am going to start with my dad being put in ITU 6, the infectious disease ward where patients who tested positive for Covid, (though these tests are surely false positive). My dad was left here for 3 weeks and this further endangered his health. 

SINCE THEY SAY THAT COVID-19 IS CONTAGIOUS, I WOULD HAVE EXPECTED ALL PATIENTS TO BE SEGREGATED IN A CUBICLE BY THEMSELVES! SO I THOUGHT THAT I WOULD SEE MY DAD ALL BY HIMSELF, SEPARATED FROM THE REST AND VICE VERSA, WITH THE REST OF THE PATIENTS SEPARATED FROM DAD.  This segregation could be done by some kind of protective cubicles.  We feel that this is a shocking reality which increases the risk of cross-infection between these vulnerable patients and which also endangers the health of the medical professionals taking care of these patients.

Didn’t Profs Gauci say once, on tv, that these patients are segregated and kept on their own?

So why all this social distancing imposed between healthy individuals, and covid19 patients are not segregated?  The same applies to ITU 1.  Only a few patients are kept apart.  The rest of the patients are all next to each other and when the patients need to be changed, a curtain is drawn.  In my opinion, this does not allow any privacy for patients. My dad kept on saying that here he could hardly sleep, especially when at times, he heard other patients crying with pain. Besides, nurses are 12hrs on the go there is so much movement and chatting that it made him stay awake.  Up to this day, I ask how come all ITU patients aren’t put in individual rooms. And ideally, all hospital wards should be like this. It helps the patients to have their privacy, having their much needed rest and to stay with their own positive mindset.

For me, Mater Dei and Saint Luke’s hospitals are a failed project of both political parties.  Saint Luke’s has been abandoned and then sold to foreign corporations and Mater Dei is like a prison which deprives patients of their dignity. Both parties are to blame in this.

Politicians don’t really care about us.  We are just puppets, a number for them.

Yet we have the power to elect them. And so, we have the power to bring them both down. Power is in our hands. The power is in us. It has always been in us. But we decide to give it away and when people give away their power to end up in the wrong hands, then the same people have lost all their rights and have, without knowing, accepted to be used and abused.

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