A “Prosit” to Fr. Marc Andre Camilleri

“Prosit” in Maltese is used to commend favourably an action that has been taken by somebody. In this case, I would like to praise Fr. Marc Andre Camilleri for what he wrote on his Facebook page. Without mentioning any names, he condemned those local politicians, who went to donate money to id-Dar tal-Providenza, when they are openly in favour of abortion.

Fr. Marc Andre’s comment  was picked up by Lovin Malta, and  journalist, Jean Paul Azzopardi wrote a factual account. Yet, there is no doubt that Azzopardi’s piece was meant to test the water. It is a known fact that this newspaper supports the introduction of abortion in Malta.

In my programme last Wednesday on Xejk TV, Fr. David Muscat was my guest who criticized the media of the Catholic Church in Malta for becoming a platform for those in favour of abortion.

If Lovin Malta’s journalist Jean Paul Azzopardi thought that, with his article, he would whip up a round of protests against Marc Andre he misfired. In truth, Azzopardi managed instead to secure  the admiration of many for Marc Andre who is one of the few priests who has the courage to speak out. Not even our bishops have any more the moral stanima to speak out. Today even  bishops are afraid to speak out instead they end up accommodating and giving space on their media to those in favour of the current abortion agenda in Malta. An agenda which we all know is backed by the gurus in Brussels with the sole aim of bidding adieu to the Church in Europe. How tragic. There is one consolation. We still have priests and others who are prepared to stand up for the Church’s teachings. These teachings are being constantly fine-tuned to meet the reality of society today. Perhaps some of the campaigners would like to do some serious research… 

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