A number of Bernard Grech’s trolls left my Facebook group on their own free will

A few days ago, a supporter of Bernard Grech made an appeal on Bernard Grech’s Facebook page. This appeal was addressed to Grech’s supporters to express their disagreement with my views on my Facebook group and not on Bernard Grech’s page. This supporter did not realize that many of the individuals to whom he made this appeal are not members of my group. Therefore, these individuals need first to become members of my group before they can start commenting on my posts on Facebook. Thus, by inference, this supporter’s appeal was for Bernard Grech followers to become members of my group. Individuals who are not members of my group cannot comment on my blogs but can only read my articles on the website simonmercieca.com.

On my part, I had written a blog expressing my readiness to welcome them. I censor no one. I believe in free speech. When, however, they realized that their arrogance was being contested and debated, they beat the retreat. Just like bruised children after a fight, they ran back to Bernard Grech’s Facebook page lamenting and urging their friends and followers to abandon my Facebook Group. Anyone is free to leave. I believe in a free world.  But for those who cannot take the heat in the kitchen, it is better to leave it. 

Some of the supporters of the current PN leadership are like those sailors who are unable to weather the storm and attempt to turn back. In truth, they use insulting language and when others use their same yardstick, they simply cannot stand it and state that such comments are hate speech.

On my part, I left them free to express themselves. What I did not appreciate is when anyone of them reported a member of this group to Facebook to delete comments. I consider this as censorship. What I can add is that I have never insulted or denigrated  anyone. I have never reported anyone to Facebook for their derogatory words even though there have been instances that demanded such action.

I have  left everyone free to express himself or herself. But the best has been a comment left by Emanuel Busuttil. He is one of my most vociferous attackers! In true, some of the comments he was putting up were written by someone else. They are not his. After a campaign trying to denigrate me, he has finally realized he is fighting a losing battle. For this reason, Busuttil called me a ‘cabbage’. This is the level of respect that Bernard Grech’s new leadership has instilled in the Nationalist Party. His supporters simply resort to insulting those not sharing their same views. At least, he has realized that there is no place for insults in my group. It seems that he has now left my group too. It is obvious that they have lost the plot.

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