The Times of Malta drags Yorgen Fenech into a story related to a donation made to Dar tal-Providenza

The Times of Malta has this evening joined in to back Sammut’s and Leone Ganado’s attack against Dr. Adrian Delia’s 500,000 Euro donation to Dar tal-Providenza by stating the Home will be “vetting” the donation. What is pathetic is that Jacob Borg went further and linked this donation to Yorgen Fenech, who poor chap, has been in prison since the 19 November 2019. What the hell is going on? Is this responsible journalism or is it mere journalese? Had Yorgen Fenech wanted to donate anything to the Home, he would have the common sense to do so privately and not use an intermediary especially in the present circumstances. Yet these so called journalists and their acolytes persist in playing the same tune ad nauseam in the misguided belief that they are actually selling their wares. If they made a slight effort and did some research, they would come up with better reporting.

To persist in spreading the Delia myth of a corrupt man involved in money laundering – of which there is no proof whatsoever – is a sheer sign of irresponsible reporting. Have we really all gone mad? Cannot one accept the truth any more? And to crown it all, we even attempt to drag in the Church as a potential accomplice.  Delia has presented a cheque. In reality, he presented  two cheques;  one from Catco and one from his supporters. Cheques are deposited in a bank where certain guidelines are put into action because all banks are duty bound to verify the provenance of any deposit being made. So why all this hullabaloo? Why not let matters take their course?

If and when there is irrefutable proof of wrong doing, then attack. But until then, just keep quiet and let kindness take its course without resorting to loathsome interference from those who are less kind and are envious of those who give help to others.

Bertrand Russel said that envy was one of the most potent causes of unhappiness, bringing sorrow to those who envy whilst giving them the urge to inflict pain upon others. How apt.

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