Is it true that Francis Zammit Dimech gave the order to interrupt NET TV transmission of the presentation of money by Adrian Delia in aid of the Dar tal-Providenza?

Dr. Adrian Delia has just presented € 22,725 raised by his supporters for the Dar tal-Providenza. Congratulations for their good work. When Dr. Adrian Delia made his presentation, this fundraising marathon was being broadcasted live on NET TV. Exactly when Dr. Adrian Delia started his presentation before handing his cheque, NET TV stopped transmitting the activity and instead started airing the message of Bernard Grech for the New Year. Is this the type of unity that Bernard Grech promised during the leadership election campaign?

But more important, who gave the order to interrupt the transmission of this very laudable news item? Was it Francis Zammit Dimech who gave this order? And if not Francis Zammit Dimech, who did? Is it true that Francis Zammit Dimech left angrily the premises where he was, when he realized that Adrian Delia had arrived on the scene to make this donation? Those leading the PN are not even happy with an act of kindness in favour of the seriously disadvantaged. The group that has seized power at the PN Head Quarters are exercising censorship against their previous party leader. What a disgrace!

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