What is expected to happen next Year within the Nationalist Party?

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The latest signals from the PN corridors are that there is going to be a change of Secretary General at the beginning of the New Year.

Is it true that Dr Francis Zammit Dimech will be relinquishing his job as Secretary General at the beginning of the year, probably at the first General Council of 2021?

Is he doing so voluntarily or is he being asked to make way? Is it true that his replacement is relinquishing his job in Brussels?

Is it true that Mr David Casa MEP has lately discussed his request with Dr Grech to return to Malta?

Is it true that during this discussion Mr Casa said that he will only resign his position as an MEP if he is guaranteed the Post of Secretary General of the Party?

Does this mean that if this guarantee is given, the Administration will be arm-twisting members of the Executive Committee to confirm this arrangement?

If this will be the case does it mean that the Executive committee will have no choice but to rubber stamp this order from above?

Does this also mean that, previous tactics used by the rebels to fill almost all positions with the sectors of the party with their acolytes, will guarantee that Casa is automatically elected as the majority of the members in the executive Council are in the favour of the rebels?

It should be remembered that in the recent past, the rebels succeeded in placing their acolytes in all sectors of the party and this meant that they gained automatic access into the executive committee and now they have the absolute majority. Therefore, any vote that will be taken in the executive committee is always going to be in the rebels’ favour.

Has the Party ever asked or wondered whether there is someone else interested in the job?

Is this another ulterior move by the group of rebels since Casa is considered as one of the most vociferous during parliamentary and executive meetings?

Is this another condition that Dr. Grech had to bargain with in order to be anointed by the group of rebels?

If this is the case Dr. Grech, don’t you think that you should make way because you are not a leader but you are being led?

3 thoughts on “What is expected to happen next Year within the Nationalist Party?

  1. Il-qrusa per eccellenza! Alla jibghatha tajba s-sena l-gdida! Not that it will benefit them….we’ve been there done that before, and same recipe will produce same results. The more bitter and vicious they are, the bigger the defeat.

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