Andrew Borg Cardona called me scum

Today, Ranier Fsadni wrote an opinion piece in the Times of Malta that can be interpreted as an article in my defence. I do not interpret it as such. I believe instead it is a piece in defence of academia. Fsadni is supporting the right of academics, irrespective of their political leanings or sympathy to write and express their opinion in public.  

Ranier Fsadni’s article was not appreciated by one and all.  Andrew Borg Cardona went on Twitter to declare that  my opinion pieces are my own – which is true – but he added that my writings are nothing but lies and venom having an effect on everyone and University lecturers are not at liberty to do so!

Borg Cardona’s antics did not stop here. He went on to attach a copy of Fsadni’s article and wrote across it  NO !! in red, adding Society against scum while putting my picture in a circle.

Borg Cardona should be reminded that this form of behaviour and writing was undertaken by the Nazis against the Jews and others. They were all called scum and had their faces encircled, inciting Aryan German society to stand up against them in order to destroy them because they were to be considered simply scum!

2 thoughts on “Andrew Borg Cardona called me scum

  1. Why do you permit yrself to take insults personally?! After all, you have become a political public figure.
    J.M. was insulted so many times,…however he never felt the need to feel sorry for himself.
    If you’re begging for sympathy from readers, means you’re not strong enough to face the turmoil.
    No offence, just an opinion.

  2. Well we know that ABC is a racist / classist of sorts. You should bothered about this.

    Just let him taste his own venom….no wonder he can’t even manage a smile. Poor git.

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