Nicky Azzopardi, who works in Brussels, calls a rival politician a “cunt”

I can understand that one may disagree with a comment made  by a politician because it does not reflect a true historical reality. I can also understand that a Labour politician commemorates a schoolgirl, Karin Grech, and upholds her murder as having been politically  instigated. I can also  agree  with those who disagree that Karin Grech’s brutal murder was not  the only political murder to have taken place in Malta. But, for someone in politics to write that a political rival is a “cunt” for stating that Karin Grech’s assassination was the sole political murder in Malta is totally unacceptable. It is even more unacceptable when one finds that this same politician, Clayton Bartolo, corrected his statement.

The use of crude terminology to insult a political adversary has no place in Maltese politics. For someone who works with David Casa in Brussels and is a staunch supporter of Bernard Grech, resorting to such language reveals the pitiable state in which the Nationalist Party has fallen.

Readers should be reminded that Nicky Azzopardi considers himself the cool thinker of the present PN administration. A few days ago, he wrote a comment maintaining that I needed psychiatric help. There was a Newsbook journalist – among others who liked his comment on his Facebook Page. I dare to hope that this same female journalist, who works for the Church media, will not now be tempted to endorse Azzopardi’s latest lewdness with a ‘like’!   

Nicky Azzopardi is under a misapprehension in believing that he stands to gain political mileage by resorting to such antics. He should realize that if this is the new way of making politics, as promised by Bernard Grech, then the PN has to face many more decades in opposition. Furthermore, if Bernard Grech and his clique believe that the Nationalist Party can ever win an election by having party members using such language, then all that remains is to patiently wait for this clique to become politically extinct through a process of natural selection.

No election has ever been won by resorting to insults. This is a proven historical fact.  For this reason, I am happy to remain steadfast to my conservative stand in politics.


  1. Just like Manuel Delia. He recently called Kurt Farrugia a cunt for allegedly uploading quotes from Joseph Muscat’s testimony (whilst testifying) in the public inquiry on JM’s Facebook account.

  2. Jekk Clayton Bartolo bidel l-ewwel kumment mat-tieni ghamel zball… kien korrett fl-ewwel kumment u cioe’ l-uniku qtil Politiku f’Malta! Qtil Politiku ma’jkunx jissejjah hekk ghax nghid jien, Simon jew xi pecluq/peclieqa…. Karen Grech kienet l-unika vittma ta’qtil motivat politikament kif dikjarat b’sentenza tal-qrati Maltin! Issa jekk hawn xi hadd irid jghidli “cunt” nispjegalu x’ghamilt b’cunt ta qariba tieghu!!

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