Bernard Grech’s tax problems: truth always comes to the surface

During the Nationalist Party leadership’s election campaign, I posted a number of articles about Bernard Grech’s income tax returns. I stated that Dr. Grech had income tax problems and as a result of this statement, I was accused on posting fake news and conspiracy theories. Ironically, those who were accusing me in the media with fake news were those supporting Bernard Grech’s candidature against Adrian Delia. Because I was publishing such information, those supporting Bernard Grech started a media campaign requesting  my expulsion from the University of Malta. The reason given was specifically that  I was publishing fake news and conspiracy theories.After all this fuss, the Sunday Times now publishes an article which substantiates my posts on the subject. The newspaper states that Bernard Grech has serious tax problems for he failed to declare all his earnings and is under investigation at the Tax Department. I can recall, when having spoken about this aspect, I was told that it was not true because Dr. Grech presented a tax certificate and this was used as  proof that he has no problems whatsoever with the Inland Revenue Department. This certificate was deceivingly used wrongly by Bernard Grech campaigners to detract from the reality. So, what I was writing was true after all and there are those who should start asking themselves who indeed is being factual. True always comes to the surface.

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