Warren Cremona remembers the day his father Paul saved the life of Nationalists supporters at the St. Julian’s Party Club

Warren Cremona uploaded cuttings for the Times and the Nationalist Party Newspaper – In- Tagħna, as in-Nazzjon was called at the time, on his personal Facebook page.

It is a sad story about his late father. Not only was his father never honoured, as Adrian Delia stated in his comment posted on Warren Cremona’s Facebook page, but he ended up dying a martyr of the Nationalist Party. His father passed away in 1999 but this event marked his life. Paul Cremona was psychologically destroyed because the police accused him of placing the bomb in the party club of Saint Julian’s. In fact, he was arrested several times in connection with this bomb. His son Warren wrote on Facebook that after these arrests, they ceased to live a normal family life. His father fell seriously ill and spent most of the time in hospital.

In truth, he was a true hero. He saved many lives on that day, as innocent persons, mostly youths, had gathered in the  Nationalist Party Club of Saint Julian’s for Christmas drinks. Paul Cremona, who was the PN barman of the Valletta Party club, saw a suspicious packet underneath the stairs of the Nationalist Party Club at  Saint Julian’s. At his own personal risk, he took the packet and threw it onto the rocky beach in front of the club. This packet exploded a few minutes later. Two explosions were heard. Literally, Paul Cremona saved those present in the club in the nick of time.

This all happened thirty-six years ago. His son Warren took the initiative to commemorate his father. He also thanked the previous party leader, Adrian Delia, for remembering and honouring his father.

Many of Warren Cremona friends have added on to his Facebook page something about this story. Stefania Pirotta was there 36 years ago. She writes: “How can we forget… he risked his life to save ours! Our Hero! Rest in eternal peace Paul 

Elizabeth Azzopardi was also there, in the Nationalist Party club, when this terrible incident happened. She adds: “Your father was unique Warren. He used to live in our block of flats before he married your mother. He and his brothers used to play football in our street with my brothers. I remember the incident as if it were yesterday. He acted as a true hero that day.”

Liz Said Curmi also left a message. “I remember it as if it was yesterday. I was there at a nearby restaurant with my husband who was my boyfriend back than… a true hero if it weren’t for him many lives would have been lost …. May he rest in eternal peace ????

Even Adrian Delia left a very moving message, which in a way can be interpreted as subtle criticism to the current administration: He wrote that “Some heroes still haven’t been honoured. Justice still waiting to be delivered.”

Richard Garzia reflects on the current situation. The party club in question does not exist anymore. It was sold and replaced by a block of flats. Garzia writes: “Rip Pawl. Il-ħasra hi li dak il-każin ma għadux jeżisti għax kien wieħed minn tal-ewwel li inbiegħ. Hu barra hekk is-Segretarju Ġenerali li hemm il-lum Francis Zammit Dimech kien imissu fakkar dan l-avveniment. Għax kien preżenti dak inhar. Hu jekk ma jienx sejjer żbaljat kienet qed isir xi bibita mill-MZPN . Kellek tkun int.

In other words, Richard Garzia states that it was only thanks to his son Warren, that this unsung hero was remembered. Not even the present Secretary General of the Nationalist Party, who was present in the party club, when this story enfolded, commemorated this event.

This lack of empathy on the part of the present administration regarding the history of the party and its unsung heroes brought about this punching comment by Andrew Bundy “Daqs Jason Azzopardi, Beppe u Said kien ihobbu lill-partit missierek !!!”

It is obvious that Warren is a supporter of Adrian Delia and this explains, in my opinion, the lack of interest, by the present administration that has hijacked the Nationalist Party, to commemorate this event.  

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