A message of solidarity from Philip M. Beattie after a call was made for my expulsion from the University of Malta

Dear Simon,

I wanted to assure you of my solidarity and support in face of the media and legal persecution you have been facing recently.  I wanted to publish an article in The Times, but given that its current editorial director has consistently refused to publish my articles, this has proved futile.
The call by two so called journalists for your expulsion from our university is something I find repugnant and which makes me sick to my stomach.  The Times of Malta’s complicity in this media uproar is clear for all to see. 

Regrettably our university  – rather than making an untrammelled search for truth – has become little more than a camp for political correctness.  Its public statements on “academic freedom” I find embarrassing to say the least. 

Despite any differences of opinion we may have, I hold you in the highest esteem and consider your courage and integrity beyond reproof. Having undergone similar bitter experiences myself, I understand fundamentally what is at stake.  I have always respected your opinions and will continue to do so.

Please feel free to use this missive in any media articles you may publish in the future, as the time has come to stand up and be counted, regardless of the consequences.  
Please accept my best wishes and prayers during this difficult period.

Your friend and colleague,

Philip Beattie


  1. Times of Malta should change it’s name to Times of PN and I’ve been saying this since the 70’s.

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