Blogpost. A Message to Claudette Buttigieg: your Christmas card cannot cancel the harm you did to Dr. Adrian Delia.

Christmas is around the corner and the festive season, although limited, will be celebrated. Christmas is also the time to send wishes but I’m not the one to accept greetings just to achieve political mileage and thus votes. For me that is a cheap stunt. If you want to increase your voting capacity you have to be a principled person and true to your oath of service.

Let me explain one of my principles in life which assists me in tackling challenges positively or not. I am a sound believer of acknowledging and living with my biological father through thick and thin. I will endure any sacrifices just to achieve that and I did. Passing on this message is perhaps daunting nowadays. Many accept otherwise and who am I to oppose. But please allow me to live my life the way I want with my values and principles. I am also conscious of the fact that in my life I have another two father figures, which though not as important as the biological one, they are still influential.

The first one is the religious father. I am a Christian and I practice my religion. So how can I not accept the Pope’s message in my life. I’m proud of that and although I am more than sure that joining the group of saints is next to impossible for me, I still try to do my utmost.

There is also the third father figure, the political one. Malta is an island which is politically invasive. Politics in Malta play an active role in the general public’s life. Whether that is beneficial or not is to everyone’s judgement.

As explained my life is soundly geared on three fathers which make a steady tripod in my life. Whoever tries to touch or interfere in my tripod’s balance, on which my life is anchored, s/he would face trouble.

And to go back to my intro, receiving Christmas greetings from someone who attacked ferociously one of my tripod figures caused such discomfort that I decided to put pen to paper on this issue only. How can a candidate expect me to appreciate and acknowledge her greetings when just a few weeks ago she was a front liner to attack one of my father figures?

My political father, who was elected democratically, for the first time through my vote as a member of the Party, was dehumanised by a gang of people who couldn’t stomach him or his political policies. He was attacked by a frustrated group of nincompoops who thought that they had a divine right to hold under wraps a political party. This particular candidate was a front liner of this group of rebels. She was the first lady who, driven by the Gozitan acolyte, went to the President of the country to remove my political father. The ugliest type of ink will be used to historically write about this move, unheard of in Maltese political history, that put to shame not only the group of idiots who went on to destabilise the country but also tarnished their own Party’s reputation. This was the worst move that any politician with an iota of intelligence could have ever played.

But off they went because they thought that what Daphne started, they had a divine right to bring to an end. As is being commonly used today you and all your colleagues are third tier politicians. Now you can feel proud that, even though the President of the country, sent you a clearly defined message you continued your negative campaigning and character assassination until you dethroned my political father.

Dear female candidate in the 10th district, your political acumen will never reach the level of conspiracy that was organised against my political father, whom I had the privilege of electing in 2017. Now you and your Secretary General (mine he is not) are trying to even ostracise us from the Party which our forefathers founded, which we continued to invest in, which we have seen in government doing marvellously well for the country for twenty-five years and which now, you & Co., are doing your best to disintegrate. This is not on and we, the real Nationalists, will not be part of this unwarranted charade.

The rebels are a bunch of dishonest politicians whom we will be doing our utmost to see that the boxes beside their names on the ballot paper will remain empty. You are not even worth writing a number beside your names. This comedy of errors has touched my tripod which has now been unbalanced. After all you have done can you ever imagine that three years of attacks against my political father, in whom I placed my thrust, can be easily forgotten just because you sent me a Christmas Card? Do you think that by sending me a Christmas card a truce will be called? Do you think that by sending a Christmas card you will be automatically deleting three years of enormous damage to my political father, both personally or politically? Do you think that a Christmas Card can remove or erase three years of internal feud, calling Delia’s supporters idiots, third tier people, labourites, pigs, etc etc?

I consider it offensive that you even thought you can send a Christmas card expecting to be reciprocated after all you have done throughout three whole years. I’m really sorry I will never condone your actions. On my part I can never forget or forgive the acts of traitors. My personal life has been changed, my tripod has been unbalanced and I am living a life missing my political father. He can never be replaced by whoever comes after him, especially regretfully the current one. I hope that my message is loud and clear. I sincerely hope that you will reflect your actions although I know it’s too late for any kind of remedy.


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