A message of solidarity after the call from Daphne’s brigade to have me sacked from university

I received the following message from a reader who has reacted to the call made – by Daphne’s family and followers – for me to be sacked from the University of Malta because of my blogs regarding the ongoing court proceedings of Yorgen Fenech. 

Irrespective of what Daphne Caruana Galizia did for a living, she is now gone. Her children, family and fanatical opportunists should realize that, by their ongoing antics, they are not helping her cause.

Trying to reinterprete or justify her blogs is now  irrelevant. The harm has been done. We are all aware that these blogs were often vicious, unfounded and unsubstantiated. Her penchant for insulting and belittling others beggar’s belief but it is there in black and white. Nothing is going to change this certitude.  

Why do those, trying to defend the indefensible, not come down to earth and allow the law to take its course and, with good grace, accept the stark reality and unequivocal facts that are there for those who wish to open their eyes?This persistence to use DCG’s brutal murder for dark, ulterior motives only compounds the show of crass ignorance and lack of equanimity by those who insist in not being tolerant of others”.

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