Blogpost by Marica Micallef: The Health Perils of Wearing the “Blessed” Mask – Part Two

In this video one can hear a doctor saying how a four year old almost died of bacterial infection from prolonged mask use –

Any other reason one can give as to from where my beloved dad developed bacterial infection in his respiratory tract and lungs? It also seems that since wearing the mask for longer hours has become mandatory, patients with respiratory problems have increased in ITU! But yes, I can give another reason – please note that oxygen deprivation damages every single organ, from the brain, to the heart, to the lungs! So, my father deprived his lungs from oxygen by wearing the mask everywhere he went and since he is a social person, making errands even for older people, he was more often up and about than inside the home! He believed that in wearing the mask he was PROTECTING HIMSELF AND OTHERS. Yet all this still brought him to hospitalization. So MASK OFF, EVERYONE!

It not only pains me to the core to see, up to this date, suffering patients in Mater Dei but also to see children (and adolescents) wearing the “blessed” masks. This is because facemasks can have a bigger damaging effect on our children! World-renowned German neurologist, Margareta Griesz-Brisson, a consultant neurologist and neurophysiologist with a PhD in Pharmacology, said that when we inhale again our exhaled air, we create lack of oxygen and a flooding of carbon dioxide. She added that THE HUMAN BRAIN IS VERY SENSITIVE TO OXYGEN DEPRIVATION LIKE THE NERVE CELLS IN THE HIPPOCAMPUS (A PART OF THE BRAIN) WHICH CANNOT STAY LONGER THAN 3 MINUTES WITHOUT OXYGEN! So much so, if lately, you or your children are suffering from headaches, dizziness, lack of concentration, you react slowly to any exterior stimuli – these are all signs of lack of oxygen in the brain! The most dangerous part is, that when the brain gets used to this lack of oxygen, those symptoms will then disappear but your efficiency will remain damaged and the oxygen supply to your brain continues to get less and less.

While you are thinking that you have got used to wear the mask and rebreathing your own exhaled air, please note that your brain is degenerating faster than you think! NERVE CELLS IN YOUR BRAIN ARE UNABLE TO DIVIDE THEMSELVES NORMALLY. SO, ANY NERVE CELLS WE HAVE LOST SO FAR, ARE GONE FOREVER! THEY CAN NO LONGER BE REGERATED! MAY I REMIND YOU THAT GOVERNMENTS TOLD US TO WEAR A MASK “FOR OUR SAFETY” (I am not seeing much safety in this!)

Going back to children, it is criminal to deprive their brains from oxygen! This will not help their brains to develop and any damage cannot be undone! A child needs the brain to learn and the brain needs oxygen to function! BY MAKING US WEAR THE MASK, authorities are consciously and purposely inducing oxygen deficiency which is, in turn, a danger to our health, which is, A MEDICAL CONTRAINDICATION. This, in medicine means, that this measure SHOULD NOT BE USED! Hence, facemasks SHOULD NOT BE USED! For me, all this is not about a virus! It is not about your health or safety! It is not about masks! It is about much, much more! They are taking away or air to breathe. They are slowly, slowly, taking away our freedom and this, is only the start! I am not participating. I am fearless. I do not give consent because I AM THE SOLE RESPONSIBLE FOR MY OWN HEALTH – not the WHO, not the government.

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