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Too many cooks spoil the broth. This is a saying that stands well on its hind feet when directed to the Nationalist Party. Where are you Dr Grech? What is your input for the Party? Is it truly inexistent? Is it true that whatever you say, whatever you pronounce or whatever you articulate is prepared for you by one of your surrounding dinosaurs? I am totally flabbergasted how you kill your time at Dar Centrali with three dinosaurs preparing everything for you. The first one is the maliciously placed Secretary General who replaced a much younger one. The hidden hand of Dr Galea manipulated the move. Louis wanted to find the right person to twist him around as he wished. Dr Galea played his chess moves cunningly and vengefully. He played two planned moves within hours. In the morning he removed a member (a lady from Sliema) from one of the Fora, the professjonisti one, and placed Francis instead. In the evening Francis, to the astonishment of many members, attended his first executive meeting, which was one of those long meetings extending to the early hours in the morning. After many of the members had called it a night and left, Dr Galea pulled out the rabbit from his hat and very unorthodoxically nominated Dr Zammit Dimech for the Secretary General job. A move that not even Bobby Fischer, an outstanding chess master, could think of. From an ex-MEP to Secretary General in 24 hours. Francis was already eyeing for this post. In fact, he was doing the rounds with the relevant voters mentioning his one and only trump card – unity within the Party. Taking his throne, he contacted all Toms, Dicks and Harrys to try to mediate and reach his goal extending the invitation to Manuel Delia, Vicky Cremona et al. to his office. The result was a cold shoulder and the idea fell flat resulting in worse divisive language within the Parliamentary group and the Civil Society. Shame on you Francis. You lost all your battles Francis but then turned your guns on your leader and assisted in the manipulation towards a leadership race. That dirty game came to fruition and Dr Delia was removed.

What is your job now? I will reply to that question myself. To remove any links to Dr Delia. To dispose of any identity of Dr Delia within the Party. To delete, eliminate, erase anything that might direct naming Dr Delia or even a reference to the previous leader. To remove anyone within the Party walls who still consider Dr Delia not only as his legitimate leader but also as a friend. Francis, one of the three dinosaurs is not working on his own. He is currently working in tandem with the Gozitan lawyer, the other dinosaur, who has it within his DNA never to accept losses. This lawyer, loved by few and regretfully abhorred by many, cannot accept the fact that he is NOT a prominent figure within the Party. Dr Said you are no one but you still enter the Headquarters daily for some hours and call on Dr Grech to order him around. You are still the one who is contacting established candidates. You are still the one who is looking for new candidates for next general election. You are still the one manoeuvring which district to candidate themselves, both new and established. Understand this fact. The more you enter Dar Centrali the more people will leave the Party. The more you contact new candidates the more they refuse to enlist. The more you prepare speeches, sound bites or whatever the more Dr Grech will be humiliated. The more you show yourself in front of cameras the more people will feel hateful emotions towards the Party. Do yourself a favour, go into oblivion for your personal benefit and for the Party’s sake.

Don’t think that two are enough, there is the third one working from the room known as ‘Tal-Fergħat’. This room happens to be in front of one of the newly nominated directors, Lisa Spiteri. Perhaps they share ideas across the corridor as long as they both try to continue annihilating Dr Delia’s name. This third dinosaur is Dr Galea. He is the never ending spoke in the wheel of the Party. He has been there for decades but his personal political agenda is something that needs volumes to explain. Let’s concentrate on the charades he is preparing for Dr Grech. Within the corridors of the Party everyone knows that Dr Galea is the one who is preparing the Sunday sermons for Dr Grech. This Siggiewi lawyer is so outdated and not in sync with the current national agenda that this clearly reflects in Grech’s Sunday sermons. These lack vision, political analysis and political acumen. Dr Galea, you removed good brains from the Party. You will be remembered for all the negative and vicious moves you have plotted throughout the years. You will be remembered as the richest part-time farmer. You will be remembered for acquiring and building your house on a number of plots. You will never be remembered as a political visionary or as a political icon. You will be remembered as the mastermind for the removal of two Leaders and missing the third. Even in your mature age you will be remembered for removing an excellent speaker with wide-ranging intelligence and placing someone who cast serious doubts about his preparedness for the position, his lack of political backbone and lack of political confidence which doesn’t attract voters. How sad for our dear Malta. How sad for our glorious Party. The Party is not walking the talk, the Party is not being truthful, the Party is trying to reach out to the younger generation through dinosaurs. Dr Grech you have been dealt a very bad hand. If you stick to these dinosaurs you will be led to oblivion. You need to act and act drastically and immediately. If you are not constrained, kick them out now before they give you to the dogs as they did Dr Delia. They are political animals of the worst grade. Their ego is bigger than them and they are hardened manipulators. Dr Grech, you didn’t heed the advice of your predecessor to be your own man and to act on your instincts. Political dinosaurs seem to be immortal but they must be kept at arm’s length which might not even be enough.

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