Blogpost by Marica Micallef: The Health Perils of Wearing the “Blessed” Mask – Part One

During the partial lockdown which we had between March and May, we were told repeatedly by our health representatives, that the mask does not help to diminish the cases. Then suddenly, this version changed to its opposite – first we were asked to wear masks only on entering shops and other premises and then it stretched to wearing the mask even when on the roads, on our workplaces and to the ridiculous statement of wearing it even when by ourselves in the countryside!!


But how come we were not allowed to wear the mask from day one and at least continue with (as political rhetoric) business as usual? They said that in other countries they saw that the cases have dropped where masks were worn! Ha, the joke of the day!  Did you witness cases HERE dropping down? NO. SO, THE MASK FALLACY IS A FARSE FROM THE START.  The only country where strangely and miraculously the number of cases has dropped down, is, “our beloved” CHINA! It seems that the virus has fallen in love with Europe and decided to stay. It seems that it got fed up to stay in China!

So, for me the above is already enough to dismiss the mask farse! More importantly than this, masks are hazardous to our health.  How? Let us start with common sense.  We were born with a mouth and a nose to inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. [Well, actually, this is a simple and sweeping statement. I will explain what we truly inhale in future blogs].   So, what happens when we are breathing in our own carbon dioxide because the mask is not allowing it to disperse in the air?

Dr Suzanne Humphries, in a tweet on 3rd August 2020, wrote “If you think wearing a mask is wonderful, maybe you should also have a little sip of your urine and a tiny bite of your faecal material!” She went on to explain that when we re-breathe our own carbon dioxide, blood pH drops and we retain acid and have to get rid of it in some way or another. Which organs are excretory and responsible to adjust the blood pH in our body?  THE KIDNEYS.  So, Dr Humphries adds, “I hope you have good kidneys”.  So, in breathing in our own carbon dioxide, we are retaining acid, turning our body into an acidic state, dropping our blood pH and the kidneys have to work harder to readjust the blood pH. Hence, there is more strain on the kidneys.

A mask is supposed to be used for a limited time.  When we, as civilians, wear it for a long time, oxygen in the blood and to the brain reduces.  So, we start feeling weak and more tired than usual, developing headaches and other ailments.  Dr Otto Heinrich Warburg, a 1931 Nobel Prize Winner, had stated that the root cause of cancer is oxygen deficiency, which creates an acidic state in the human body. Dr Warburg had also discovered that cancer cells are anaerobic (they do not breathe oxygen) and cannot survive in the presence of high levels of oxygen, as found in an alkaline state.  He added that “all forms of cancer have two basic conditions: acidosis and hypoxia [lack of oxygen]; and cancerous tissues are acidic, whereas healthy tissues are alkaline.”  This acidic body theory is on the same line of thought as that of Dr Suzanne Humphries. When a cell is deprived of 35% of its oxygen for 48 hours, it may become cancerous.  So, masks are depriving us of oxygen and the longer they are worn, the more critical the side-effects and ailments are!

Dr Chris Barbara, our local virologist, had also said that “the public should exercise caution in the use of masks, as the virus could get trapped in them, and they end up serving as an incubator in front of the nostrils.”  Also, when our own droplets fall on the outer cotton surface of the mask, the droplets will keep it moist and we will breathe in more, and when we take them off, we will contaminate our hands and then touch our face, making bacteria and viruses penetrate more inside us.  So, our masks are the ideal moist environment for our own exhaled germs to multiply in and when we inhale again, they go in again, inside our body.

With this last point, could it be that so many people are lately suffering from shortness of breath due to pneumonia? My father was admitted in hospital on the 9th of October 2020 with shortness of breath and chronic fatigue syndrome, which I firmly believed was caused by the mask he wore all the time, except when home.  When he was done a chest X-ray, the AP sitting chest radiograph showed a “mild airspace shadowing in the left middle lung zone”, hence showing the start of pneumonia.  While he was in ITU, patients’ relatives confirmed that their loved ones had the same symptoms of my dad.  This further makes me believe that mask wearers are arriving in ITU with antibiotic resistant strains of pneumonia from breathing in the pathogenic organisms they were meant to exhale.

Even more, after getting to know the story of my dad, many people suffering of the same symptoms and having been diagnosed with pneumonia came forward!  Some were covid-19 positive and some were covid-19 negative (as per usual the bogus pcr-test/swab test).  So, all this is a clear proof that covid-19 and respiratory issues are neither associated nor share a direct link and it is the mask which is causing all this and unless the authorities give us SCIENTIFIC PROOF VIA A LOT OF VALUABLE SCIENTIFIC STUDIES AND RESEARCH THAT COVID-19 EXISTS AND IS CAUSING LUNG ISSUES, THEN people should be given the right check up and treatment they deserve, which is definitely not the ventilator!

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