Blogpost: Yesterday’s PN Marathon: A Cacophony of Hibernated Good-for-nothing Individuals

What I had anticipated that will happen during the marathon, held yesterday by the PN, had happened. The rebels were all there like a sore thumb in the middle of others who, not like them, never hibernated or disappeared. As the bible says ‘beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves’. Where were you in these last three years? How did you help your party? How much did you contribute in 36 months? Is this what you good for nothing individuals had to offer yesterday? Don’t you think that you have to make good for the lack of funding throughout these last three years? What a bunch of hypocrites. I have no admiration for you whatsoever. I applaud those who were there yesterday but were also there throughout, since 2017 when the Party got the worst thrashing ever because of you.

Dr. Grech did you extend the true indulgence to your parliamentary group? How did you feel during the marathon surrounded by so many wolves? Undoubtedly you had to feel this lack of belonging amongst such people, who had abandoned the Party because they couldn’t accept a hard working individual. What a shameful and disgraceful honour. I couldn’t care less about the sum, even if it was less than that gathered during Dr. Delia’s time. Today, I don’t care about the amount that you have collected. My only interest is to see all the employees being paid at the end of the month. That is all I worry about. Some of them are really hard working guys. Not all I must admit. They know who the hard working ones are. So there is no need of naming them although I can easily list them. Lest I forget the amount of wages being currently issued every end of the month. This has multiplied because of the new directors and other employees that were employed after you had been elected leader. This had added to the many wages being paid by the Party.

More info to be presented later. Dr Grech, one of your acolytes, called the previous treasurer an amateur, a penny pincher because he used to organize coffee mornings, dinners and BBQs. He conceived a new idea and asked the previous treasurer to resign. So he did. As I write the Party is still to confirm (although already nominated) the new name for this position because even in a nomination they tried to jump the gun and didn’t act according to the new statute. Considering the financial state of the Party, the nomination and hands on work of the treasurer is of extreme importance. It’s very easy to understand who the genius was, who brought to the fore the idea of crowdfunding. He might be the same person who suggested to you Dr. Grech, how to collect your money for your campaign. It looks as if it was a success with a reserve to boot. So the party thought that his nomination would have been ideal for the job and there wouldn’t have been the need to look elsewhere. The truth is that he did reincarnate himself yesterday after a long absence. He might be the right person to turn water into wine and be a good Salvation Army professional to oversee all the financial problems, tackled by so many before him. Perhaps, with him at the helm, our glorious party would succeed in solving once and for all the debts accumulated over the years. Thus, reverting the Party to a stable financial situation, without the need to seek professionals from outside to audit accounts and hopefully name those who thrived by stealing from the Party’s coffers.

Dr. Grech, although these good-for-nothing individuals forgot their dues to the Party for so long and they never bothered to ask for a penny for the Party in the last three years, no one was impressed with their contributions. The collected amount spoke for itself. Their presence yesterday after so many months of absence was a show and revealed that their interest in the Party is a personal one: a means to an end. Hopefully these individuals will realise what a group of unbelievable egoists they are. I pray and work even harder to convince voters to kick them out in the forthcoming general election. They don’t deserve to be there. They are shameful and shameless. With such type of hibernating, worthless bastards, our glorious Party doesn’t need any enemies. Our enemies are within. They are extremely hateful and jealous. Dr Grech they threw you the bait and you swallowed it hook, line and sinker. Now enjoy the ride.

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