Blogpost by Marica Micallef on the Bogus PCR-Tests. Part 4

In this my last blog about the PCR-Test, I am going to give it the benefit of the doubt and say that it is a tool to use to diagnose if a person has the virus or not. I will also keep on adding more research from other sources which state why they are unreliable So, if a negative can be false but a positive cannot be false, according to medics, how many of you were told you are negative and sent home, when maybe your negative result was false and you were, in fact, positive? These discrepancies lie in the cycles of threshold of these tests.  Alberto Boretti, of the College of Engineering in Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University of Saudi Arabia, in an essay called “Cycle threshold as a measure of infectivity from PCR Tests”, wrote that for the PCR-Test to be appropriate and accurate, its cycle of threshold should be 30-35.  Any test with a CT above 35 is too sensitive (Rao et al., 2020; Geddes, 2020) and extremely difficult to detect any live virus in a sample above a threshold of 33 cycles (Rao et. al, 2020).  Boretti added that when the PCR-Test for Covid-19 runs with a cycle threshold of 40 and returns positive, this means that THE PERSON CONCERNED HAS ONLY A SMALL NUMBER OF VIRAL FRAGMENTS. So, this produces an overrated number of POSITIVE CASES, meaning that THE PUBLIC IS BEING ALARMED FOR NOTHING! Many European countries are using a threshold of 40 with some that of 37.  And OUR MALTA? Well a person who works at Mater Dei officially confirmed to me that the PCR-Test used is set at 38 cycles, meaning that this cycle threshold IS TO BE READJUSTED FOR US TO TRULY KNOW WHO IS POSITIVE OR WHO IS NOT! SO ALL THE NUMBERS OF POSITIVE CASES WE ARE “BLESSED WITH DAILY”, ARE A WHOLE FARSE!

And this is not only ME who is stating so! Great Game India reported that in Portugal, quarantining people based solely on a positive PCR-Test is no longer lawful thanks to a court decision ruling the test to be inherently unreliable and thus fraudulent for policy making purposes.  The court cited Jaafar et al. (2020) – that tests produce varying results depending on an individual’s viral load, as well as on the number of cycles used. The court further concluded that “if someone is tested by PCR as positive when a threshold of 35 cycles or higher is used, the probability that said person is infected is less than 3%, and the probability that said result is a false positive is 97%, meaning that results are inaccurate and that WE HAVE A LOT OF FALSE POSITIVE. Henceforth, I keep on saying that my beloved father tests were all negative and that he should have been treated for what they truly diagnosed on the x-ray, and not giving value to a bogus PCR-Test (my dad’s story can be seen on link or on you tube). This means that all patients who are truly suffering in ITU simply because they were tested positive are truly healthy and are sick from something else! (May I remind you that the flu and pneumonia this year have jumped off a cliff as only corona/covid seems to be causing ailments!)  Great Game India further reported that if a PCR-Test is conducted on an immune person and turns up positive, what it is actually pulling up is perhaps a “shattered part of the viral genome”, picking up long dead viruses since the PCR method multiplies even a tiny fraction of the viral genetic material enough.

Again, so if I give the PCR-Test the benefit of the doubt and that it is truly picking up a virus, then what makes us think that it is the Corona Virus or Covid-19 or whatever they have decided to call it?? Can it be another kind of virus? Can it be the Rhinovirus for example, a respiratory virus which is the predominant cause of the common cold? I am sure it is not just one tiny invader we need to dodge. We have more than 200 viruses that can lay us low. Simply because the mainstream media and the WHO and whoever said so, gave this virus a name, it does not mean we have to believe everything. It is an invisible enemy at the end of the day and since the scientific establishment likes to give us scientific proof of everything it upholds, then I think it is time that before it continues with this farse of a pandemic, it gives us scientific proof of this virus, its true and factual symptoms, true and factual cures (if any as I prefer to go with preventive measures like Vitamin C, D and Zinc which help to keep us strong against the flu – after all, they said that corona gives us symptoms similar to the flu, no?), proof that the PCR-Tests truly detect Covid-19 and more information of the bogus tests’ analytical parameters. Hence, I will not swallow anything told and I will keep on calling the PCR-Test, the bogus PCR-Test.

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