Blogpost. Marica Micallef writes about THE BOGUS PCR-TEST – PART THREE

In my second blog, I reported the experience with the swab tests with mixed negative (3 in all) and 2 positive test results of my beloved father. Unfortunately, the first positive was given more importance and I wondered and asked how come the negatives weren’t given the importance too. For me, just as much as a test can be a false negative, it can also be a false positive. Here is a link and its argument by AN ITALIAN DOCTOR CLAIMING WHY THE TESTS CAN ALSO BE FALSE POSITIVE taken from

According to reports from the “Libero Pensare” website, a formal complaint has been launched with the institutions to ask for the end of these PCR-Tests. It all started with the public denunciation of Dr. Stefano Scoglio who brought to the attention that these tests are unreliable, based on the international findings of the Istituto Superiore Di Sanita, which shows that the kits currently used are producing up to 95% false positives.  Given the current dramatic situation – writes the site – and the socio-political use made of such mass tests, which have become a source of social alarm, which is seriously testing the socio-economic stability of entire countries, as well as providing the ” unjustified  imprisonment via the self-quarantine of hundreds of thousands of completely healthy citizens, unreasonably considered possible infectors, the first legal action against tampons has been taken.

Dr. Stefano Scoglio argued  that after having ascertained, from a document from the European Commission and from one of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (attachments), which declared that the types of tampons circulating in Europe as of May 16, 2020 were 78, none of which authorized, evaluated or validated; and most of which also lack the declaration of the gene sequences contained, he decided (together with 3 highly known scientists – Fabio Franchi, Stefano Montanari and Antonietta Gatti) to investigate the matter, and they thus verified that:

  1. by the same admission of the American Center for Disease Control and the Covid Working Group of the EU Commission, the SARS-Cov2 virus, allegedly responsible for Covid, has not only never been physio-chemically isolated, but also the pathogenic liquids used as a model for gene sequencing did not have any titration of the virus, which implies that these liquids contained billions of other viral-like particles (including non-pathogenic extracellular vesicles naturally present in our organism), and which therefore does not exist to date no virus-specific markers, and therefore no standard that can make swabs reliable.
  • The over 100 swab tests currently in circulation are exempted from the controls provided for by the European law on medical devices of 1997; and yet they are not yet subject to the new European standard of 2017, which will only come into force in May 2022; thus living in a regulatory limbo that makes manufacturers free to circulate any type of device without any control; and nevertheless, it is on the basis of these buffers that a devastating economic-social lockdown has been established and continues to be desired.
  • There are numerous studies that speak of the continuous mutation of the virus, and the health authorities themselves recognize that if the virus continues to mutate, the swabs become useless. There are nearly 150,000 different sequencing of the virus in the GISAID virus database; they were 70,000 in April; and they keep growing, because new mutations are always found, and that makes the circulating tampons completely useless
  • There is also a substantial problem related to the methodology used in the swabs, RT-PCR. As the leading experts of this methodology underline, to work properly this methodology should ideally use between 20 and 30 PCR cycles; ideally 30 cycles should not be exceeded, and absolutely never 35 cycles, because above this threshold the PCR begins to create completely random sequences. Well, as also confirmed by a document from the FIND organization (which is attached to the complaint), almost all swabs exceed 35-40 cycles on average, and are therefore to be considered completely ineffective and productive of false positives. (I will tackle this in my next blog).
  • Finally, they explained that the effectiveness of swabs depends on 3 factors: a. sensitivity: the ability to detect the presence of RNA; b. specificity: the ability to limit this RNA to the specific one the virus you are looking for; c. and the prevalence, or the presence of viral disease in the population. This is because the higher the prevalence, the greater the circulation of the virus, and therefore the greater the possibility of detecting it. To date, the prevalence in Italy, which in true pandemics can even reach 30% of the population, is 0.1%; and even if it increased 10 times it would still be a negligible level of prevalence; which means, based on a table of the authoritative international organization FIND taken from the ISS, that the average performance swabs, in Italy, produce around 85% -90% of false positives. For all these reasons, it is believed that continuing to use these swab tests to determine individual or group quarantines, and to impose limitations and lockdowns, from schools to businesses to families, is practical without any scientific basis, and should stop immediately.

So here we have a medical professional and top scientists speaking about the inaccurate PCR-Tests. If we are going to keep on believing these PCR-Tests’ results, and we are not going to speak up and question everything we are being made to go through, then our society and the world will head to a downward spiral.

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